Thursday, September 16, 2010

Black n White!!

Well , well I am back!! .. and it seems my previous blog “ Dreams work n love “ made some good points on work but very less points on dreams n love!! Thats what the reviews I got for it. I will accept all of it; I am not that good at it; but the point is my dream and love is my work.. ( as of date). So criticisms are well accepted and next time i will treat every subject well.. cheers..
I am writing this particular blog as a memoir ; so that after some years I can look back and Iwill know what I thought after completing Song of Life.
Everything has its own blacks n whites ! and lets just start with blacks!!
A junior of mine asked me right after dubbing!! “ how come you have so much of patience ; you work on everything but never displeased?”.. I promptly replied him; that I am a very impatient fellow; I took extra work because i cant afford any one else for it!! i need to do it by myself .
I pretty well know when i started the project itself; that i might have to put in these efforts!! After all u cant expect kids to rush for my work!! Waking up people is something i wont enjoy much or making those calls to everyone to reach the shooting spot either. I Just wish; i would never enter into a venture like this again!!
Not to forget the drop outs and those phone calls that went unanswered at most important times!! Man it was hell and there times i thought ; lets forget everything; just run off from this place thats the only way you get some peace of mind.
Add to this the creative part; its the most energy consuming and the juicy part of movie; the more time i spent on it the more joy i would get!! When its ur first veture ; you need to all your time spent on it; keeping 2 hours of story in your brain isn’t that easy and its the main thing I was worried about.
That job interview scene;when none turned up after my repeated requests for 2 total days!! and the times nisheshji left and especially the days when i had to fight with a girl!!

Well ; I learnt to face it and learnt to move along!! After all I kept in my best efforts and completed it.All this hard work ; i can treasure that; Its a life time experience!! May be I learnt some practical lessons; on whom i need to depend on work. There are people who called me up at mid night to update the work!! Man I loved it; I take it as an honour to work with you and I consider them always in my team!! No doubt about that!!
Thats what after all we need to learn ; just keep working on target and forget about the results!! And I did get some some positive reviews for my efforts and may be i can get some better oppurtunities to!! Lets see... Hope and Hope!!
An ofcourse the lessons on running the story; watching it again n again I learnt new ways to improve my technique of stoy telling!! And i also learnt what i need study more
No more blacks and no more whites!! When at work neither i like to pamper nor prefer getting pampered!! Once out... its all about nature .. and getting pampered!! My mom still complains in home why the hell i took up some private work!! You can even do your properly!! Well well thats a very good compliment!! Lets lose caps; pens combs who really cares if u r good enough to forget ur good enough to live!! Not to mention those drenches in rain!! And to enjoy those drives with father!! Listening to music!!
Must say its a treat to watch people !! its just so beautiful..
I was walking through a place where a ganesh idol was kept!! Songs are in its full flow!! And this small kid is dancing for sometime and then praying for sometime and dancing again!! Definitely she cant think !! and some people may complain thats brain wash.. but still it was such a beautiful thing to watch the small girl dance!!
One more !! one more!! I was walking to my training centre when i was working in IBM. I saw this small girl in school crying not to go to school!! Well well i wanted to tell her; if u cry ur mom will listen ; if i cry everyone will laugh!! Haha.. after all who doesn’t want to be pampered ;
Just met some of my friends of college !! we were the same old asses absolutely no change!! Raj as usual talkative; vijay ji man with jokes; myself sometimes dumb and sometimes full of energies and rahulji.. same old fellow!!
It seems i find very funny and interesting people where ever i go!! Lol
Always a pleasure.. and add to this start reading a PG Wodehouse (esp Psmith)// u will find yourself in heaven!!
3 cheers
Keep rockin


R@hul said...

And same old Challa... who ironically finds life more entertaining than movies... :-)

Inspired Souls said...

life mama is the real entertainer!!
other part we better discuss offline; lol

Anonymous said...

All the best, man. It's a good way to keep your memories intact.. :)

Inspired Souls said...

we will rock!!