Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A film makers agony!!

I am writing the this blog in great pain!! Bcoz it really hurts to see excellent talent being wasted..
Either resources or time of young people!!
A movie named Orange released recently.. I didn’t see the movie and I don’t have anything against it or any attachment to it!! But I see people fighting in the name of the movie!!
There are two groups ( families involved) in the industry and some movie sites support some families!! All kinds of politics.. well .. industry is like that they fight for power .Its none of my business!!
But worst thing is my friends are fighting over it!! I mean if you want to see a movie watch it; if you like it watch it again; else don’t watch it; why the heck you guys have to fight over people whom you don’t know personally!! If something happens to you none are going to turn up and say you were my fan and I will help you !! Hard fact is; they don’t even know you guys.... accept the fact!!
20 – 30 is the best age to work hard and to decide your paths; If you think if you are absolutely fine with what you are doing and have excess time ; use it for something useful.. there is enough around you to find something challenging .. just look around you .. explore it.
Audience are funny people. Believe me for the past 6 years or something very few movies came up with an original story!! Every movie made is a mix for 5-6 previous movies and still audience give block busters to the industry!! They don’t even think once what they are watching; they even started enjoying cheap comedy and repeated stories .. same plot points .. either faction; or love stories, and funniest part is; some use words like; this was totally different story depicting a new dimension of love ; and let me tell you what is the difference in it.. instead of plain love story ; they show heroine is in love with a villain and finally hero makes her understand that hers ain’t true love!! Holy crap!! Most of the people directly agree that all they expect in a movie is entertainment nothing else!! Well this entertainment came to such a stage.. they are not even thinking whether they are watching a genuine movie or a movie copied from 6-7 other movies with scenes shuffled!! It is such a pity!! Isnt this a cheap thing!! If you watch a movie telling yourself; I need an instant emotion every moment you will miss something that is really classy.. something that will stay with you for a long time.. Guys I have this doubt?? Are people watching movies just to get some relief in their lives.. not for the sake of the art?? Any emotion thats really pure will stay with you for a long time!! So if you just don’t wanna stick to something you are definitely going to miss something very precious.
As long as you keep watching these same kind of movies; people are going to make these kind of movies only!!
Audience are funny but film industry is real funny!! Hollywood invests well on technicians but we invest on Individuals!! We invest so much on leading directors and actors and we invest very less on writers and thats the one of the reasons we never make something that has some standard!!
I met some directors and film makers; they just ask you one question after listening to the story? What is the commercial aspect of this? I wanna ask them !! what do you mean by commercial aspect? Movie making is all about taking a storyto narrate it and to show it on screen; if you project properly It will be a hit! Sankarabharanam made crores at that time to the investors; and the lead role is played by an old man!! Its the concept you take that really matters and how you present it.
Koreans; Italians; French.. even Spanish people are making some excellent movies and are making waves in international market!! Just watched secret in their eyes (Spanish) and I just wondered when are we going to make movies like this!!
And whats happening now; they take up an already proven story ; add some unrelated comedy and throw it out and we watch it!!
Making movies is not just a mere business; its an art!! And we want artists out there not businessmen. Unless you are ready to take the risk and you are ready to leave everything ; you cant get your best!!
A bird is supposed to fly!! There lies the beauty!! If it hides in its nest assuming the risk of getting shot... its a waste life anyway..
In last years Block buster movie ‘Magadgeera’; first 10 minutes were reshot from an old movie of the heroes father. Did the director didn’t have the story to introduce the hero? Suppose you screen this to an international audience ; people will laugh at it!! And some was promoting a movie saying that its a movie that reflects telugu culture and the first scene I see is a song showing Samantha in shorts and mini’s exposing like hell!!
Come out of your fathers; grand fathers image!! A movie is supposed to be a movie; its has nothing to do with any ones back ground!!
I was watching some of the scenes of Johnny ( Its a telugu movie made by Pawan Kalyan ( hero cum director).Some of the shots were very good ; the light and back ground were very good and definitely he kept lots of time and effort in it!! Thats really an honest effort and though it was a flop I thought he would come up something much much better next time!!
But he immediately left all the experiments and entered into typical movies again and is struggling for his existence!!
It really hurts to see people with talent not using to the maximum!!
Is there anything we need to prove others? We are here to make honest efforts and create something better!!
God save the Industry!! And especially god save these addicts!!
Keep Rockin
3 cheers


Nipura said...

Very Very well written. True, and from the heart.

Yes, I was also impressed by some shots in Jhonny, especially as it came from a telugu-big-name-hero-movie, though I have no idea how well the movie did. I agree to the rest too.

But well written.

Inspired Souls said...

Thank u.. thank u..

I thought none would like this blog.. lol

Prashant said...

Well said, boss, I agree to what you have said, and it's this commercialization of the Indian Movie industry that dishearten a lot of movie makers !!

Well summarised observations

Inspired Souls said...

pity!! but whats the solution!!
what ever i am going to continue making movies of my type!! lets see what happens

lakshmipathi said...

sir..modati sari naku me blog ardham ayyindi..sahi rasaru..

and i would like to answer one of ur question.y do ppl watch watch movies..ppl relate to characters in movies..especially in ap..dat might be the reason moies with bad ending dont run.donno abt tamil industry..

Inspired Souls said...

ha ha.. naa blogs artham kaaledhu.. we will discuss on this!!

we can make very good movies with good happy endings!!! but we need to make it in a proper way!!

Arya said...

Hey man!! i want to add something - Now whole industry is revolving round the hero and directors are around those heroes thinking those only are the ppl in the industry.. but till early 90's the industry is in hands of producers & directors, thats why some ,movies are still remain legends - mayabazar, shankarabharanam etc. but now we are seeing those directors also now struggling to make movies in this bloody so called 'trends' n ' new generations'. if we want to change current industry again we have to make some directorial movies rather than hero centric.. then the director could get some freedom on choosing nice story and music at his best rather than satisfying the hero's image!!! and forget about audience - they will encourage if the movie is good and nice even it is not having any "commercial formula" - so rock man at your best!!! good luck!!!

Inspired Souls said...

@arya.. we will rock.. cheers

rahul said...

True, every word of frustrating...Dabang is blockbuster(:O pathetic)...god save the indian film industry!!!

Inspired Souls said...

@ RC.. lol.. yeah.. i heard that .. lucky i didnt see it!!

Sreedhar said...

good bro... really some old movies are still the best watchable movies, say movies like Sankarabharanam, Swathimuthyam, Swarnakamalam, etc. Concept is the heart of a movie. Hope you will make such kind of movies. All the best bro!!

Inspired Souls said...

thanks bro.. will definitely give my best!! lets rock


nice one!! in this context i wud like to compare religion (for that matter communalism) with the cinema fanfare! in both these masses are gathered and guided by charisma! they act unconsciously and in a trauma. Sad part is that at times even educated masses don't understand the real motive and get carried away with feelings and emotions!!

Inspired Souls said...

@radha; well said; lunatics are same every where!! ha ha..

'Movies' is our religion; film makers like us.. lol