Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Unconditional Love!!

Warning: This is a very very dark and an A rated blog!! People who prefer not to read such content on Love please avoid it!! And by the way a very very happy new year!!Cheers
Let me start with a favourite quote of mine in Dead Poets society!
“We don't read and write poetry because it's cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.”
For the past month; I am absolutely out of creative work!! I think all the work I did was call technicians ;ask for their time to do color correction for ‘Song of life’ and then listen their excuses !! To sit out of work is tough; and then to sit out of work when you are being flooded with new ideas is tougher!! and the toughest is to sit out work and plead others to complete the work!!.. ha ha
Getting back to the topic!!
Recently ; I read some excellent ballads about a legend named Munemma (the saintess) in a friends FB account; very very stirring indeed ; When I came to know that he is planning to make a movie out of it; I was all excited and I pinged him right away asking for a chance to assist him!! You know ,the simple thought of being part of a film filled with good old folks songs seduced me.. the thought of spending nights listening to songs that were long gone is awesome aint it?? I rushed to the nearby store and bought the book!!
The story was amazing ; Back drop is pre independence time; It starts by introducing three characters; A wife, husband and a bull; Husband runs this bullock cart to make a living; They say the bull was born on the same day of their marriage and they consider the bull as a part of the family and the husband treats the bull as his own brother!! One fine day every while this husband and wife are working on a field; this bull gets excited and treats the wife as a cow and places its fore legs on her!! ( plz don’t ask me how!!but the bull is attracted towards her) the husband watches this and gets fired up; and starts beating the bull to death; maybe he loves it too much ; so instead killing it he decides to sell it off in a fair!!
The very next day, he starts his journey to the fair which is some 40kms from his village ; He tells his wife he would be back in three days!!But the bull returns to the house on 4th day without the husband!! And this lady starts an epic journey in search of her lost husband!!
It has everything; A strong woman; mystery; folk ballads... and of all the things its a story of unconditional love!! Its a page turner and has some very good literature.
But I had my doubts regarding the story in some parts;Especially I wanted to know the directors perspective of the movie first!! So I met with the sir (Mahesh); who is working on this project and one more film enthusiast (Venu) was there luckily..
And this blog is a part of our discussions...
Me: It was amazing sir; I am in love with the book; but I have some doubts; As you will be the director; I wanted to ask you some questions to know your perspective!!
Mahesh : yeah tell me
Me: What are the feelings of the lady towards the Bull!! I mean she pretty knows the situation but still she will be nice with the bull.
Mahesh: We don’t know about that; writer wilfully didn’t write anything about it; but what he wrote is true; humans and animals love each other; i am not talking about sex in an usual way here; I am talking about love.
And we need to prove the point of the lady’s love towards her husband too !!
We open with a drama; in which a king kills an innocent man; the wife of that innocent man makes a war to destroy the whole kingdom!!
Now; our fellow n wife will watch this movie; and he questions his wife; are you going to the same if something happens to me?
She replies that she didn’t understand the story!! But when she faces the same situation;she reacts bravely ; and the initiation started here!!
Venu : pretty interesting; i too want read this book write away!! Characters look great.
Me: Thats genious sir; we have everything in this story and the starting absolutely rock ; I would love to work on this; Its going to be a real challenging task; It was my dream to work on folk.
And one more doubt ! why do u think she made that journey? The husband was never that good do her; and we don’t see much love between them?
Mahesh: We will establish that point in the movie; we will keep a love making scene in the night before he leaves to the fare; and he tells her that he loves her more than anything else!!
And then its all about showing that passion of hers!! Its a bold act and people will love it; these things cant be explained ; they should be felt.. I think its futile to search logic for these things!!
This is Unconditional love; They say teenage people should not love; but i never saw any emotion so pure; they wont calculate anything!!Thats a pure emotion.. untouched.Look at the people now; after they grow up they check the bank accounts; backgrounds and kids future before they love!! And they almost believe thats the only way they live.
Venu: Correct sir; When I was in school; I used to love my teacher; she was so fascinating for me; she is out there literally commanding us; guiding us; i don’t know why ; god! I loved her.
Me: ha ha ha; yeah mine is with a girl who used to guide me in project; all the same ; the same fascination.
( And then we kept talking about movies and life for 3 hours; we talked about RDB; Ghost rider; some Bengali movies ; good old telugu movies; the other two guys told me their experiences; and for a fresh guy like me they were fascinating!!)
And Whatever it is; I just feel this would be a great learning experience..
( Ps:- What I wrote here are not my personal views; I wrote the things as it is; I saw different people who are passionate about different things; I know people who drink every day; I know people who love dogs more than people; I know people who spoilt their lives in the name love as kids; and I know some awesome love stories too!; I know people who live for music and nothing else;
All kinds of freaks; and I know people who watch everything in the life as an outsider; I see people who just wish the time would move on; and people who work hard like hell!! all are very good friends to me; and I can never know why they act like that!!..)
This is a strange and funny world huh!!
Good luck everyone!!
Keep Rockin
3 Cheers


Sadhogopal Ram said...

You have learnt the biggest lession of life in Earth, Buddy - "to enjoy" things, life, people, emotion and various other things (actually everything) as they come by. And this is no rare achievement, trust me.

About the blog post, well, I surely am hell excited now after reading whatever you have written about your discussion and observation about the book and the movie that guys are planning to work on. Sounds really really intriguing subject, Bro.

Well, you have my regards, as I know you guys will definitely ROCk!

venkata raghavan said...

I am working on my post on Love. It will be up on my blog soon(soon means a week atleast). It is based on existing works on philosophy and also human psychology.
Once you read it, I would like you to pass it on to Mahesh sir who feels that love is something that should be felt and that we cannot search for logic in it.

Inspired Souls said...
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Inspired Souls said...

@sadho.. thanks a lot bro!! but I was more worried about the writing style bro!! is it in flow; technically I didnt write anything this serious till now.. and was expecting a professional review from you!!

@Raghav.. sure buddy; let me know once ur done !! will passit on.. cheers

Sreedhar said...
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Sreedhar said...

"They say teenage people should not love; but i never saw any emotion so pure; they wont calculate anything!!Thats a pure emotion.. untouched.Look at the people now; after they grow up they check the bank accounts; backgrounds and kids future before they love!! And they almost believe thats the only way they live." I love this part bro. Thats what I had experienced personnaly in my life and thats what i wanna write about exactly.About Love, Dreams and Reality of Life.
And ofcourse, she left me and got married to some one else(NRI)!!

Inspired Souls said...

touche bro!!
my full support will be there for u; if u wanna write something
and I wish you will find someone much better...

BONDbandar said...

Too good Sir. Enjoyed reading it. I was also moved by your discussion on teenage love (unconditional). As I already said, you are full of life. Keep rocking!! :)

This is something out of the context but it's a compliment in disguise. I was a bit depressed few mins ago, I think you can guess why. But after reading this article, I got energized. True, There is a lot of life in life. Thank you :)

Inspired Souls said...

@praveen.. we all have our depressing times!! I am glad ur energized.

and by the way you wrote some very good lines!! There is a lot of life in life!! Can I use this?