Sunday, January 16, 2011

Inspiration and some new jokes !!

Okay here I am enjoying a three day break ( read ‘A forced break’) So thought of finishing the promised blog and complete reading the book ‘love in the time of cholera’.
I started writing this blog on a very auspicious day; lohri and bhogi (both has bon fire) which signifies cleansing oneself and to start afresh!! Well may be I too need to look back; understand everything happened till now; count pros n cons and start some new works... I started to repeat certain mistakes twice..especially when dealing with people!! Need to avoid it.
1) A friend sent a request to participate in a blogger competition!! I am supposed to write something inspirational to win the competition it seems!
I mean , can someone sit and tell himself ‘okay buddy you are going to inspire the world ; so lets write something like that!!’.. lol.. I write for the pure esthetic love of writing; there were days when I just write whatever I get in my mind; not even the full stuff and I patiently wait for the remaining idea to flash and finish of the stuff!! And of all the things I write as an observer; so to target my mind to write something fixed is almost imposible!!
Then once again comes the burning topic ‘ Inspiration’ . One of my junior wrote the following words once!! ‘There is so much of Life in Life’.. amazing words write.. and one girl wrote some beautiful words in a review.. ‘I loved him and I hated him when I read his book’.. man such beautiful words.. aren’t they enough to inspire you to write and to get along; Do we need anything more than life and the situations everyday to inspire; Words; books; Movies; music ; poetry and even roasted almond ice cream is inspiring( Lets add coffee for a junior of mine) .. I am in absolute love with this beautiful world. Must say I literally love everything.
I met a friend of mine some days back; we studies together when in Ratnam in long term!! He used to say that he would start a company by himself and I used to say that I would be a film maker. Funnily when we met after 7 years; there he was ; he started a company ‘FWD architects’ and me afil maker. I was so glad to meet him!! We kept talking for 4 hours and the conversation was very interesting. The best one was; ( his own words) ‘ There is a lot of difference between practicals and theory; I went to the site for the first time; Mastri is manually mixing cement and sand; I went to him and told him that these should be measured and mixed in proper quantities!! He looked at me as if I was a kid; he said things cant be done like that; we mix then first; we hold the mortar in hands and we feel the composition and make the changes!! Else it takes years mixing the stuff”... lol excellent one!! .he also added” now i am good ; I am understanding practical parts well and I am able to manage people myself.And I just watch movies many times just to get the architecture they use!”.. awesome words; well said buddy!!
Yup there will be some tough testing times ; Here I am almost broke; stuck up at the very last work and lost money to an ass and going through torture for 50 days to complete the work soon and I already spent almost 2 years on this project !! but I keep telling myself ; bad times do come; and still keeping my best efforts and waiting for lady luck to help me!! After all facing these harsh things at the early part of career makes you ready to face tougher situations. Someone sent me this message message yesterday “ Hard work; adventure and Love form the very core of a Man’s Life’; well said buddy you can count me in!! And definitely people who enjoy this enjoy everything in their lives!!
Oh my god; I don’t know about you; But I feel motivated enough to fill pages like this lol...
2) There was this fellow rakesh ( his father n my father are friends.) who speaks very very little. If you speak thousand words he might as well reply with a nod or something like a wave!! And his father Venkateswarlu is a perfect opposite; he can talk non stop on anything; I am one those poor fellows who faced the wrath; for he 2 hours class after I quit my job darn it ( that too on a railway station!! When i am 25!!).. its more than my Dad’d and Mom’s class.. Anyways This man used to a call a colleague as chimpangee in home!!
One fine the day same colleague came to his house; and rakesh opened the door!! I never why he said so; the guy never talks much literally shouted “ father; that man Chimponzee came”.. lol
I laughed the hell out of me when I was a kid; even now; we occasionally mention this home and laugh..!! lol.
3) One fine day; I was sitting in the last bench in Honorable Sarkar’s MOS class (HOD MEMME) and reading my novel seriously. I didn’t know that the guy next to me took panga (read ‘a fight’) with this professor!! .. I was so seriously involved in the story I as usual and forgot the surrounding; suddenly the next guy poked !! ( not the guy who fought with professor). Before I got into this world the damge is done; Professor asked this rebel fellow a question ( as it is customary for every professor to target rebel kids) and he didn’t answer!! And he is shouting next one; next one!! I stood up an as I didn’t know the question; there is no way I answer; I had to say “ I don’t know the answer”.
“Get out both of you!!” sarkar roared. Its easy for him; but its tough for an engineering student to loose attendance after sitting for half an hour in class. Anyways we left.
My friends came and informed that; the question he asked , was to show the normal direction for the black board!! life is funny!!
And the best was; I was sitting in KD’s class day creaming as usual ; and he questioned us ; ‘Anyone here who doesn’t have first class GPA?’. As i was the only guy; I stood up. I think he thought of motivating me.. so
Ha said “ You must work hard to make it 7 srikanth; you must get first class’.
And all the fellows started laughing; damn it; I mean I should laugh first; who the hell are these suckers; to laugh at me before I laugh.
Anyways he understood the situation and resumed his class!!
But my bond KD was unforgettable!! He took atleast 6-7 Viva voce but I never answered once in any of them ; and there were times he shouted “Bhag saale bhag” out of frustration but even then took me in for my final year project and blessed me with a ‘B’. And helped me in getting a degree!! Thank u sirji thank u!!
Keep rockin
3 cheers


R@hul said...


I owe similar gratitude to R.K.Das. God knows how many marks I actually scored in those exams that I wrote. I still have no clue about RAC and HMT.. 2 subjects that Das taught us.... :)

Inspired Souls said...

Most of the MME guys had this pleasure of not facing Mr Das.. else I would have received a 'Not fit for Technical Education '