Friday, January 21, 2011

Art and some chit-chat!!

Well guys; this is going to be one long big boring blog; you guys are In this particular one I am happily going to meander from one topic to another.. god bless.. But I think I love every word I write here.
I would like to start with my favourite topic ‘life’ ; I hear people telling me; childhood days were our golden days!! I wonder !! Is it really true?? I mean I don’t remember most of the things I did ; But mom tells me that I was one hell of a sulky kid; It seems I used to eat half of a Banana and used to cry for a new one!! Except these silly anecdotes I don’t remember much; Even I cant remember much of my school days; I visited my school recently; I remember playing under those old big trees ( Games are great apart from that nothing is left there; I rememeber mugging things and listening lessons from the so called ‘realists’. But only when I started to think for myself I really started to live!! I asked a friend of mine “ Dude; do you repent the days you acted like a sheep?”.. I still remember his words; he looked at me seriously and told me “ According to me they never exist; I started living after those days”. I was so happy to hear that answer!! Kudos buddy.. thats the best I ever heard.
Absolutely true; The day I started thinking; I started to understand what I love and I just went after it; Thanks to ISM it gave me all the time to explore; There were days I kept reading like a mad fellow forgetting everything; and kept watching movies; or kept travelling and constantly learning. You the best days I ever enjoyed were the days I worked hard; easy days are easy days they just come and go. I remember the days I spent alone at nights office; working on my script; I loved to walk around the big office office buildings alone; and thinking on the story. Some one at ‘Convo’ asked ; you should time .Actually job days were very easy days; Bucks used to be in bank on time sharp; can buy books when ever and what ever I want; i just loved those days; I even wrote a big farewell letter when leaving to all the
The point is ; Life technically should get better as you grow up; tough times are always there; but as our understanding grows we will have more fun; thats the way it happens. When I sit alone or when I walk alone I get better thoughts than they were before. And we meet more people with very new ideas; which is a real pleasure. I was there when people spoke of designing flying cars; starting their own websites; their own business;or wanted to do some selfless service , people who wanted to become travel journalists; people who wanted to learn guitar ( mine was . I always gathered Ideas; I talk with everyone just to take their ideas. And I had the pleasure to hear some excellent ones that will stay with me for a life time. Even I have this idea; to travel for 2 years and settle in a remote place ; and then make a movie for 2 years and then go back to hibernation in unknown lands. Damn I am a dreamer and I love every moment of it.
Okay; I think I didn’t enter into the topic till now; Its ‘ART’. Anything thats a pleasure is art. Maths, science; movies; music; books yeah even coding is an art ( though I copy pasted most of the time!!). A friend next to me says ‘Girls’ are art; for girls sake I will add boys too. We are all art .... excellent. I remember the days ; when me and rana sirused to sit and discuss art for hours. Even now I make it a point to discuss with everyone who ask me for Ideas not because I like them but I believe someday they would add something beautiful to art!! Selfish..huh.

I saw some beautiful places while travelling; Uttarkhand and kerala were the best!! I love those long walks in mountains; everything so green !! If I close my eyes I can imagine those beauties.. worth every moment of it. I saw some awesome dances and I heard some awesome songs and read some very very good books. I Immersed myself in Hogwarts; middle earth and the best is Mr Wodehouse’s England!! Thanks again to ISM It gave some good exposure . And I saw some excellent paintings too!! Watching ravi varma’s paintings for the first time was indeed awesome; so perfect and clear and depicted the emotion perfectly. ‘Jatayuvadha’, Dhamayanthi’s message through swan; absolute beauties!! I think I stood there watching those 5 -6 paintings for 2-3 hours. It was so gripping I spent an year working on the story of a painter!! Indeed Ravi varma is a genius!!
But my favourite art medium is ‘movies’. Just loved it from the very beginning. But Funnily I watch very few movies when compared to others. I know people who watch movies like freaks and every word they talk would be related to Rana sir asked me once “ why do you watch very few movies challa?”.. I told him that watching too many movies might kill originality. I am not saying none should watch movies; its just my style. I love and respect every aspect of it and its a pleasure to be a part of it.Used to sit and talk with people for hours on story lines and direction!!
And one of the best movies I have ever seen is ‘Pather panchali’. Its a Bengali movie is 1950’s. I saw
it in 2k6 i.e after 50 years and I felt it was mind blowing. If a peron made such an unique movie in 1950’s Its a disgrace for all of us that we aren’t even making movies which has atleast a part of its worth!! Here we are copying everything from west !!Such a pity. One more blow was for our Music (eastern music). India is the land of arts for sure; but its such a pity we are running after western stuff and imitating them happily. Funnily we laugh at our own music ;Our classical music is almost dead; god save it. Yes i can listen rock; but the beauty of emotions and purity is in our music!! Do they have the lovely keerthanas of devotion!! We have some beautiful songs for every emotion. I wonder can anyone create a beautiful song like ‘Raghu vamsa sudha’. I was talking with a junior of mine this morning regarding this song; she said she started learning Veena just to play this song some day!! Indeed a lifetime achievement. she was so worried that we are doing remixes for beautiful classical songs.
Just a synopsis of the chat
Swathi: I hate this guy rajesh vaidhya; every song has a feeling the composer meant to arise ; remixing with some absurd track and singing those lyrics is a torture!! These guys cant even understand the lyrics they sing. this destroys that feeling. it is not a question of which instruments we use , but the feeling it brings out. We should feel that devotion and the willingness to submit ourselves to the superior!! music is not about an acoustic experience, it is about an emotional experience .our instruments have evolved to support that.. why guitar in west, and why veena in east ? the instruments are evolved to support expression of the right emotions of music in the right way!! actually, if u see.. a veena can sound like a guitar by just changing the place where vibrations are picked up and magnified they are all the same!! i feel very bad!!it is such a heritage that this country has... pity people say india is not a great place and mimick the west. the problem with everything that is purely indian is that it requires an intellectual mind to think, go to the next level, and appreciate and the second thing is, its relevance is strong only if it is in a network of other things.. when one thing in the network perishes, everything is senseless. unfortunately, this delicate thing has been tamperd a little, so now, finding relevance is a challenge!!
(Great words and well put; indeed I got this idea to write this blog after reading this;)
( for those who can read telugu; some words as it is.. have fun!!
evaraina bantu reethi koluvu remix chesi chasthara?? bantu rethi koluvu, eyavayya rama ante ‘give me the place of your servant lord rama’ meaning ardham cheskuni chavachu kada.’ ding chak’ antaru madyaloaa . Asalu devotion, willing ness to submiss to a superior avi anipinchali. tyagaraju entha devotion to rasina song adi aa emotion ki justice cheyali adi padina prati varu.!! edo trend western music ani, anni kalipi panikirani vintha padartham chestharu. asalu vinandi sir aa pata bantu reeti koluvu )
Indeed art is all about originality; The thought of tampering kills the very spirit of the Art!! I just hope we preserve the very essence of our arts and spread it...
Keep rockin
3 cheers

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