Saturday, May 1, 2010


I was watching Shawshank redemption again!! And red says this unforgettable dialogue (at least for me) “ hope is a good thing; may be the best of all things; and no good things never die”. I must say Shawshank redemption is one the best works I have ever seen; that’s the beauty of movie making ; every one who is making the movie questions himself; Am I am making it correct? is it the best way to unfold the story?!!you calculate all permutations and combinations in brain; and you present it on the screen!! Either its nuvvo cinema paradiso or few good men;; I feel it’s the combination of scenes that can give you such an awesome movie; may me one scene more or one scene less would have made it awful! And ofcourse the chances to travel a lot and meeti ng new people are other beautiful aspects of movie making!!
So here I am back again with my new blog!! We are done with shoot of “Song of Life” and rough editing and dubbing are also done; and I just wish everything can be completed in 2 months and it will hit the theatres soon!! I am really happy that I took up this project; yes it was very tough working on it all alone for most of the time; I needed to arrange people ; even woke them up; along with planning the shooting areas and add to that the rehearsal work ; I think this would be my best effort till now;; but finally after seeing the rough cut I was happy; I am not saying I am making movie of the millennium ; but for a starter like me ; it’s a good one and I just wish it clicks; I am even trying to pull in 1.5 lakh more for color correction to make the product look better .pray for me guys I think I need all your prayers!!
And the best part is we became very close by the end of the shoot; one guy was telling me “sir; now I feel bored; I have no more work to do and I don’t know what to do till the end of the semester.”
And the visit to Calcutta for editing was the best!! We learnt a lot out there professionally; me and nisheshji worked day and night to finish the rough cut and the guys out there helped us a lot. Especially bapan and jishu!! Three cheers to both of them. And they really are two fantastic fellows to meet. Bapan started as an office boy in the same office and now he is literally organizing the things out there; he even learnt all softwares and editing techniques and the guy just sleeps just 5 hours a day ; never saw a fellow like him.And jishu from a small village near Calcutta is a hell of a guy; he had some excellent ideas and he taught me some excellent points; I just wonder how a kid younger than me analysed things so well; may be its genius or he learnt them while working; it was simply superb and it helped us a lot.
Now from the aesthetic point ; there is a beautiful lake next to the office we work; when ever power goes ; we can walk to the lake park and fell that cool breeze; we can even swim in some parts of the lake!! but if u have problems watching young love birds kissing one another better stay away from that place.
It is almost 10 months I started this project; I was supposed to release this in may; but it got postponed by 2 more months. I am expecting a july release for sure!! I question myself what all I did and what I learnt here. The best part is to work on 2 hours movie; till now I made some short films; but this one is tototally different and I loved working on this; planning 2 hour film in mind was one hell of a challenge; I gave my best for it.I learnt a lot and understood I need to learn a lot more!! What more can I ask from this? Add to this one more year happily spent in ISM!! And working on songs with mann!!Everything is awesome!! ISM is the place which fills me lots of ideas; I even completed a new script while working on song of life.
The other side of the story is; I came to how much I need to learn ; and how much I need to improve!!and what a team you need to make a splendid movie.when I watch movies now; and when I watch those early morning shots or some well planned shots; I wonder how much effort they kept there to take such a beautiful!! Not to forget the planning behind it!!
All I want to do now is to complete ‘Song of Life’ and release it and just take a 2 month break; a bike drive to kerala or a month stay in Himalayas is the only thing in my mind. And by god’s grace if it’s a hit; a chance to make odyssey and a team that can do anything to complete the project!!i hope.. I hope!!
Keep rockin
3 cheers


Vijay said...

Never seen anyone chase his dreams like you.
Your hunger and thirst seems to persist.

All I can give are my wishes.

Inspired Souls said...

thanks a lot for the wishes mama.. i need them a lot!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Buddy.. Hope.. is what inspires us to go on.. and i hope.. its all you need now... 'Hope'- to continue on your quest- to fulfill your dream- to be what you really want to be. I really do hope that you achieve all that you desire, Buddy. Best of luck.. looking forward to seeing the Song Of Life.


Inspired Souls said...

thanks a lot man!! we rock