Thursday, October 29, 2009

Music .. Movies .. n winter!!

I am writing this blog in pure ecstasy!! If u find that I am exaggerating stuff please forget that and carry on.

Actually I just attended a program of Spic macay in college ( classical music). The beauty of classic music you will have very less audience; there were days when I used to sit in the last chair in our auditorium when these programs are going on and even stretch my legs and keep it in the chair in front row; and lay down as if I care for nothing and allow the music to sink in .This time it was a splendid mix of Flute n Tabla. One of the best performances I have heard and the journey was awesome; and so u can understand why I am literally writing this in ecstasy.

Even when I was in Chennai I used to visit iit madras in all cultural festivals; and I saw some awesome dance performances ( especially reflections dance; i.e two guys stand before one another and you feel as if the one is the mirror image of another!!) even when so many hot events are happening around I used to attend classic music competitions for I feel it is the music of soul ( ofcourse rock is great) so I will support our Sir jandhyala’s words “ Music is divine whether its western or eastern”.

And of course I met some awesome budding musicians and they are working for our movie; man I loved this experience; especially when you sit with them and you keep listening to their music which they composed!! Life my friends is beautiful!!

Now moving back to Movie; one of my friends was asking “ why did you want to become a director?”

I gave him a very very honest answer “ Buddy what can you do; if you cant play a single music instrument ; you cant dance ; neither can you act but u want everything of that and also you have a strong love to travel around!! Tell you what; u must become a director”.

Literally; I am doing everything for myself; I need to call everyone for shoot; I need to make sure everything is arranged and damn I am the spot boy n light boy ha ha. My only hope is in that I get some name and earn some bucks out of this for my further studies!!

“ there is only one hope and hope lies with the ring “ ha ha.

Movies ; they are the things I always loved; when I saw motorcycle diaries n into the wild I told myself some day I am going to make a movie like this ; each shot makes you sit up and I should love it myself.

I couldn’t stop writing an anecdote here!! It was in my final year I wrote this Story Odyssey ( its about the life of a painter ) and my friends who read that said its an awesome peace of work! So I thought if I can convince some one I can continue working on movies and no need to join IBM.

With great difficulty I found the contact of prakash rao ( producer n hero of 2005 oscar nominee “morning raga”) and people from Andhra predesh might know he is son of raghavendra rao. My friends used to comment me “ mama u must work with raghavendra rao some day”.

So finally I got an appointment ; and reached the place one hour before the appointment; you know about the struggling artists they run around the people. I am none special. I reached there by morning 9.00 and I am eagerly waiting for his arrival.

I went to the receptionist there ; I said I am so n so and that I had an appointment with prakash rao. She said “He did not mention about you”; well ofcourse I am not a VVIP so he might have not mentioned about this.

“ what do you want with him” ;

“ I came to narrate a story to him” and this girl gives me a dirty look and tells the next guy “ he came to narrate a story” . this my friends is too much. But then she might have met many guys like me so I cant blame her either.

9 became 10 and then its two still no prakash rao; the girl called again; “ I am trying to call him; he aint picking up the phone” you can have ur lunch”

“ No ma’am; I am going to stay here; what if he comes when I am gone “ ha ha too melodramatic; but you know I just didn’t wanna miss him.

One more hour gone; Sumo pulled in and legend Raghavendra rao himself entered the office; everyone stood up so am I ; ofcourse he didn’t look at us; he went into his room; spent some time taking a class to one of his writers ; (I say this because I saw from the place I am sitting. ) And left in half an hour.

As there no one out there receptionist started to chat with me; ( please note that conversation was done in telugu; I am writing it in English here)

“ So what about you; what did u study; why u want to enter movies”

This my friends is a tricky question; “ just like that; I am interest in movies “

“ what did you study”

“ I did Btech”


“ Indian School of mines ; dhanbad”

“ never heard of this?”

“ Its taken through IIT –JEE”

“ Oh then why are you entering movies instead working as an engineer”

(damn.. damn.. damn)

“ I am more interested in movies”

“ this is what we expect from a person who read from IIT; did u atleast tell ur parents”

( Bull crap; where is this conversation leading too;)

“ yup ; they are fine with this”

( and I am desperate to change the topic)

“ So what about you; why are you working here; I feel u aint enjoying this”

“ oh; you know nothing about me!!”

Ofcourse I know nothing about her; but that’s why I asked her.

Anyways she as usual started her interrogation;

“ what happens if u cant click in this industry”

“ I am pretty confident I will click; anyways I have a BE degree and getting a job wont be tough!!”

“ u said u did ur btech and now u are saying BE; do you atleast know the difference between them!!”

See if I had been any place ; I would laughed like hell; I would told her the truth that I don’t know the difference.

But as I had some work with her; I cant say so;

“ I am sorry I mean Btech; will sir be coming now?” ( its already four)

“ I don’t know wait for an hour if not come tomorrow; but I suggest you don’t come again ; go and find a job and live happily; I saw many guys like you coming here; and they r no where”

She is a nice girl; but this is too much; at any other time; I would have argued ; but at a place like this!! No !!

So I kept my mouth shut; and kept waiting for him. He didn’t turn up.

So visited the place next day; this time he did turn it up; but all the same he just turned my pages in the script and said that I must improve a lot and left;

I said the Lady “ Bye; all the best ” and left the place!! And I felt it in her looks which said “ don’t come back friend!!”

So here I am;

I don’t know why movies got such a bad name; I wish better people would enter the scenario and make some good movies and change the situation!!

So moving to another topic; Winter started here;

Its all about the days we used to start a bon fire or sit with a guard who already started a bonfire and enjoy it all night and cuddle up in the bed all day; ofcourse its beautiful to feel the sun on you in winter; your hair stretched a bit and u feel a strange sensation and I loved those days wheni used sleep on the stairs in diamond and enjoy the sun on me;

These days started again; so I am eagerly awaiting for my next 2 months!!

I called my friend yesterday at night ten ; asked him “ what r u doing?”

“ we are eating an ice cream”

“ excellent man”

“ Buddy ; you see we are romantics; learn it from us”

This is too much; so I too went to an ice cream parlor right away and ate an ice cream.. ha ha

3 cheers



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