Sunday, September 20, 2009


I will come to the point directly; this is going to be a very very long post. So friends get ready!!

Its beautiful to be a freak but its really beautiful if some more join you and you guys start working together.

Akhilesh and Sahil started this;” Sir! We can make a trailer and we can use this to promote our movie and we can pull in some sponsors!!”

“Well; that’s a great idea and I am absolutely free now; we can shoot in 2 days and edit it in 3 days ; and this can be done before durga puja hols” I said.

Rohit ( guy from Delhi; who composed this song) worked 2 total nights to complete the music; !!

And then me and girish ( 3rd year and editor for trailer) sat for a night and sketch board is ready!! And we discussed it with Khushboo ( and settled everything).

Ask me the best part of the shoot; It’s the girls of our team who climbed the ladders to reach the top of the building and pallavi gave the best shot of all; the dance scene of the girl. 3 cheers to Pallavi; Khusboo and Vanya!! U girls rock.

And in editing nishesh joined us; (my friend, teacher and ofcourse our technician)

And one more guy joined the team; Nitesh!! He looks so thin you cant recognize him; only after getting to know him a bit more we understood his passion.

He has the biggest collection of foreign movies (almost 320 GB); kurasowa; wong ka wai and what not!! And it was he who showed us the movie “ In a mood for love” .3 cheers for the movie. If u are a typical movie viewer; I must say never bump into Wang Kar wai movies!! All you will do is to have a good nap after the movie starts and wake up at the end. Even Nishesh slept in between. But then some shots in the movie are rockin; and the effort Wong kar wai kept in the movie definitely motivates you!!

“We must record each every voice sir; it must be very natural!!” nitesh adds

I have no words for him; “ we just started man and our budget is less than 10 lakhs and you are of speaking many technicalities; we are not making gladiator with 1600 crores budget!! Lets learn basics first and we must study some courses also; it takes atleast 20 years for us to make our best movie in our careers” I said.

Okay lets study in the same film school!! University of edinbourgh!!
Nitesh rocks.. man ur the best

And it was these four freaks; who worked at editing. It took almost three night outs to finish the stuff!! But they were awesome moments;

Suddenly they stop working and we just talk about movies;
Nitesh says “sir ; you must shoot a scene in fog!!”
Girish starts speaking about splitting scenes and nishesh joins in with them!! Man working with these freaks at weird times; and all of us learning things at the same time!!

Its absolutely awesome;

Then I force myself to come to senses again;

“ come on guys; work to be done in 2 days lets start” and we start on editing again. i must get them back to this world.!!

And to feel the cool breeze at morning 4 and to watch the sunrise!!

3 cheers for all of you who helped me in this endeavor.

loved every moment of it; I must say

And if the girl of your life says its a superb work !! what more do you want from life?!

And the best part is I just started to learn and nitesh was saying “ Sir; you seem to be in another world when ur shooting!!”

This is the best compliment I ever got…

2) First schedule is almost done; we made the team and we shot some scenes .. though I would have been very happy if we have shot a bit more!! But I am happy with the things as they are.

And I left from dhanbad as a happy man; and nishesh joined me in the train till Dhanbad and one more junior of mine met in the train;

These two guys are very good singers and I am a very good listener; though I can hum a bit occasionally..

Good old master pieces are revisited in the train!! Started up with ‘Humma humma “ followed by ‘ chaiyya chaiyya chaiyya chaiyya’ . even old people around were laughing and suddenly this chai wala comes when we are singing “ urvasi uvasi.. take it easy urvasi” and he started dancing before us!! The Chai wala rocks..

We kept on singing for an hour; much older ones were also sung in the party;
“ Mera jhuta hain japani!!”
and then ofcourse “ bawra raa man dekh ne chala re ek Sapna” this is the favorite song of both of us ( nishesh and me)
I used to listen to this song atleast once everyday in my office.


So here I am back to home for Durga puja hols; I am glad I got hols after 2 years;

And my Mom eagerly awaiting for me. Mothers are very dear you know. She arranged fresh cheese for me on my day return. When I say cheese don’t think of the cheese they serve u on pizza; it’s the best natural cheese that was awaiting me. ( In telugu we call it ‘ Junnu’ ). And the word itself can make our mouths watery.

But then there is some trouble with Moms is they love you so much; that they mess the things up; She already planned my work; I must visit temple daily to take the blessings of durga mata. God save me.

And it seems she is visiting every fortune teller in my surrounding places to know the out come of my project!! Such a pity they will believe more on fortune tellers words than their own son’s words.. lol

Anyways I am clever enough not to talk with my mom about that you know;!! Very clever.. haha

3 cheers to life


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