Saturday, December 12, 2009

Funny things !! and some serious n nostalgic moments in childhood !!

I am back!!; With my new jokes. But the thing is, it seems very few laugh at my jokes ( excluding myself ). My room-mate did warn me in my final year “ Please don’t keep all your jokes in your movies ; you will be the only guy who will laugh at them!!we can’t laugh at them”. I decided not to take risk of keeping them in my movies( you know bread n butter for life fundaa) but then I need to spread them anyway so I started ‘blogging’ them to torture people. Recently one of my friend was saying “ you better tell us before ,that you are telling a joke; if not we don’t understand what expression we need to give “ that ass is a back stabber and I don’t wanna worry about him. But the sweetest way to torture the guys who comment bad on your jokes is to tell them worse jokes.
Recently I was travelling a lot between Chennai and my hometown for the song recordings. One particular bad day I took this book; “Estate of Mind” by Tamar Myers. No, I am not against any lady oriented novels or lady authors. As a fact Million dollar baby was one of my all time favorite movie. But I tell u what if at all any one presents you any of the tamar myer’s book please understand that he/she is plotting something behind you especially to damage ur brain. The heroine in this particular novel comes into possession a 12 million worth paintings; and she quarrels with all her friends; (who ask some 1 million to sell the painting) stating that its too much money. And I thought it is reasonably okay. But guess what; finally the villains enter and Kidnaps her cat (Read CAT..) and keeps a note stating that that unless she gives the painting she won’t see her Cat alive. After reading 170 pages of a book; if ony one sets up such a climax!! Tell me what do you really feel like; and this lady enters the villains den and and literally throws the painting away “ Okay now; here is your painting; give me my cat back” and then ofcourse they plan to kill her too; and hero comes and saves too.. beware friends no more tamar myers. If u didn’t start till now; well n good just avoid.
Me and my dad get along very well in almost all the situations except on one thing. It is about education. He is stereo type. He firmly believes that I didn’t study well if not I would have ended up in some iit. Adding salt to the wound we found a IITian in train once and he started telling my father how he read 14 hours day. I would have happily killed that fellow.. 14 hours a day .. haha.. and I firmly believe I read more than necessary and I should have played more cricket at that time. So after many many discussions we came to understanding not to get the topic in between us; ha ha... but then u know sometimes I get cornered ; when my cousin was doing +2 people used to call me to give fundaas; As I am very good hearted fellow I used to tell them “have fun and study well; lets see what happens. “ and then father makes it a point to pull me in; “ if ur not serious u will end up like him”. He thinks it is an insult; but I absolutely love myself; after all if I had ended up in iit; I wouldn’t have been ISM. The best !!. So if some one starts discussing about studies I literally run from the place if my father is some where around me. And then this thing happened. Some of my relatives brought a fellow studying degree 1st year to my father ; and the kid seems not interested in studies he wants to take up a job asap. Obviously planning to marry some girl in a hurry. And my father is supposed to fundaas for him to study!! So my father kept on telling him to complete degree atleast and that firmly refuses stating he cant study anymore; he needs to become a police constable ASAP. The kid even got the application. My father called me and told me to take him a doctor(our family friend) to mesasure his chest and height. So I took out and told him “ as of now you think earning 10K will be very great; but the feeling soon fades away; if your head officer starts pushing you; then you will understand the problem of working; so better complete ur degree and you can become poilice inspector.” . he said fine we went home; and the fellow told my father that I told him that I adviced to complete his degree. My father was so happy; he almost shouted “ oh really !! ( he gave a shake hand) it was a treat for my ears”. Such a pity; he never understood that I am never against education!! I am just against the mug n mug stuff.
3) I am in my hometown for some days; with songs being recorded in Chennai and with guys having exams and hols I can say I did enjoy some holidays. So, one fine day me and my dad went for a walk and went past our school and I started laughing. And my father was taken aback and asked me what happened. “ I just remembered my school days dad. Me and sister when we escaped the school used to hide in the trees nearby the school; and one day head master found us; and he kicked me well and just shouted at sister to get back to classes. How come he hit me and wont event hit sister once!!. That was too much “.My father also started laughing with me. And just some days back; one of my was saying; “ Srikanth we can never get back those days of cricket in railway school ground. You(srikanth), me (anil) ,LR, siva, BR. We had a good gang”. Actually I used to play defensive cricket; and finally they stopped taking me into matches; and so finally changed myself into a hitter!!.I think that’s the beauty of childhood; u remember beautiful things; just now when I am writing this I remember I used to add some water to rin soap and used to blow bubbles in glass.! Beautiful that’s the only word to describe those things; Hide n seek; gully cricket; n what not man. And another friend of mine said that she used to recite tables a lot indeed slapped her sister who was her senior with her table mantra .. haha.. most of us; and she used to compete with her sister to run home fast. Those beautiful moments; I will never forget and I used stand and watch every football match; badminton match n what ever they play in ground and ofcourse cricket with those pads. And ofcourse the TV shows; Ramayana ; mahabharat; alif laila; giant robot; yeah yeah; that Chandra kanta !! I loved that krur simh.. awesome guys..
Just write ur own experiences as comments; I would love to read them!!
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