Monday, December 14, 2009

Some ramblings… and some conversations!!

( ps:this is a lengthy work; but i really enjoyed this work a lot)
One of my friends asked me; “ I think u take your blogs very seriously”. Friends let me tell you I was very very happy to hear this actually. When ever I say “ I am serious “ most of my friends laugh at me. I don’t know what to say so I just join with them. So finally I got some one who says I am serious. Cheers. After all I wouldn’t start something if I am not serious about it; and it’s a pleasure if people enjoy my works. I say this again n again if u don’t enjoy my writing ; even then I will write n torture you ; don’t worry about it.Writing is something I really got addicted. Laugh; cry; anger; love; whatever it is I love to write it( though I try to avoid any negative emotions; after all there is enough crap in this world; better don’t add something to the already existing). Its almost 1 Am and my sister asked what are doing till now. I said “ blogging “.
Sis:” really :p”
challa: really
pages raasthunna( I am writing pages)
name is some ramblings and some conversations; but the thing is i dont know whether i will complete it or not
i start up many things but only some will finish
Sis: :) but u have courage to start up thing.. u only need half more patience i think...
for ordinary things.sorry for ordianry people ..they need full energy u know..

I think I got her point; to start up something guys is always tough; and finishing it is hell.. ha ha ..

I cant move from my home right now; they cancelled all buses in AP; ( everyone suggesting me not to go out at all).Funny thing is they are doing ‘Rail rokho’ program on the very day of my journey to dhanbad. I think my journey to dhanbad gonna cancel. Everyone in AP wants to participatein bandh’s and to fast till death; I just wish let them do it fast; we can clear up everyone in 2 months we can get back to our lives!! Funny people and a funny world. Eagerly waiting to jump off to college from this place.Winter in ISM is the thing my heart is longing for!!. Ride a bicycle at nights in the entrance road of main building!!
But I got an excellent break and I am glad I got it. 3 Songs are composed already and 2 songs on its way!! I am a happy man. Some lovely days I would always remember ; Sleep less nights and the feeling of falling in love.Some things happen in the most unexpected way; u cant expect them to happen again n again but they remain with you all ur lives when they happen!! Welcome to life!!. My plan for the next 5 years( Don’t think this too much but it is really too too much. ) Finish Song of life; go for some travels and then work on one more movie and then study in Scotland on film making (or Scotland first and then movie) and take a big bike drive through out india ( idea is actually copied from che guevera ( motor cycle diaries)). So its my very ambitious plan for next 5 years lets hope atleast we will do this as planned.
I think I am enjoying my life a lot as the days are progressing!! Thank you god for everything. I heard some excellent songs too; always been an rehman fan; but now loving ilayaraja too. Vijayji told me some days back ” bad luck dude; I missed meeting ilayaraja; my uncle met him; he was so down to earth ; there is no TV in his house he wont even read newspaper; he is just addicted to music man!!”.I wish I could meet such a splendid person. After all what I am is because of the people I met . People who believe all people are idiots. And people who love humanity and pray for them everyday and people who just keep doing their works; and people who work 24/7 and they have so much info you how they gather that info; and people with their sheer genius minds and ofcourse mediocre. Everyone contributed something for me. I thank each and everyone for that.Rahul dravid’s batting, che guevera’s bike journey; clint eastwood’s movie making; rehman’s music; Michael jackson’s dance ; her highness Sharapova herself.. ha ha..Materoo so many beautiful things in this world; I wish could make something like that stay for ever.Some days back me and choubey were discussing the same”Buddy I don’t know when; but we will make our best movie some day and it should be remembered for ever.”.. success and failure ; it should be above all these!!
Coming back to the main point; things aint going bright as of now!! The placements in college are worse and almost all my characters are final years including the main role; I need your prayers!! Please pray for me guys; and pray that I complete everything without any problem!!
And now getting back to the topic of live conversations; In a particular weekend I visited some of the ibmers ( conmy previous colleagues and good friends). As usual bachelor stuff ; me ; raj ; shiva and srini prepared a special meal for lunch; actually they prepared and I am interrupting them in between with my jokes!!. And we sat to eat!! ( I will just type some of the conversation happened)
Me: masteroo; bachelor life is too good; self cooking ha ha.. I really enjoy that, they I never cook. Who taught you to cook?
Raj: orey!! No one will teach cooking ;u should see ; observe and follow .. that’s it.
Shiva: If u stay ; outside hostel; for a long time u will be good at anything.
( as usual I went off topic)
Me: yes yes; hostel life is too good; I really loved it.
Raj: no; hostel life is very bad; its better not to stay in hostel when ur a kid.
Me: kick ass; what the hell; whyso?
Raj: do you know how many people got spoilt by joining hostels.running to movies ; and hitting after girls.
Me: no way; that has nothing to do with hostels; only when u stay out and meet new people you grow; when u like something u run after it; I don’t see anything wrong out there;
I think its like we hate our studies so much; we seek pleasure in those things.
Raj: oh you mean ; add sex education in our education system; that’s very bad for our culture;
Shiva: one thing is true; if u stay in hostel ; they run after girls ; and nothing can spoil as that.
Raj: what I observed girls also play role in that; they initially cooperate and then back off; that’s it; and these guys become mad; they throw acids n all ; that’s what I observe!!
Me: I don’t know; why when I talk of change in education; first thing everyone talks is sex education and then boys running after girls; the thing is they are natural; let them be like that; but the real thing is much more than that; Ur education should teach you to live not just to mug and it give some fun too. Add some music ; good stories and don’t ask them for marks in those subjects; let the kids enjoy themselves and come out with new ideas. and let them live it!!; I have so many friends who complain everyday that they hate their job!!
Shiva: you mean; everyone should leave up everything and start doing what ever they like;
Me: I don’t know; all I want is some flexibility in our system; if u don’t like one thing ; u must be in a position to change!! I see so much of spirit in people when they are students and then the spirit dies; I don’t know why?
Srinivas: that is because ; we understand everything is not possible; we dream a lot but slowly I understand we cant be everything.
Me: that’s what I am speaking about? Who said so.
Raj: I say so; where are the opputunities; you tell me?
Me: let them chillout and start something themselves; that what education should teach you!!
Raj: what if u fail?
Me: But if u think of ur result before u start; I tell u; u will reach no where.
Raj: the probability is very very low. I want myself to be reasonably; and I want my kids to be happy and that’s it.
Me: ru happy now?
Shiva: humans wants are unlimited masteroo; no one can be ever happy.
Raj: u see I always wanted to be in core; my parents software so I came to IT. That’s the beauty of giving; u must learn it. After all where are the opputunities ; so much of competition out there; if u fail ; every oone looks at you as an ass.
( that’s where the problem comes; u cant think of success and failures before u start; and the parents fundaa is the biggest issue in india. Kids want something; parents save something; and the struggle always exists. Something should change; after all parents should understand; its their kids happiness that’s important; and students should show the same to parents; and damn this is the toughest of all; changing the parents; and this competition comes; if people are in a hurry; let them relax first; and let them share and let everyone enjoy their work; every one will have work and let every one enjoy; I know its easy to say in theory; but this thing to happen; we need to damn work hard and adding to that the poverty in india; its real tough; but still I hope we realize this someday; and work together; if not this system will collapse; every one fights another; that’s what that happened ( world war 1 n 2) and history repeats again)
Shiva(concluded): I am froma village; my father is a farmer; I became a good earner now; may be my kids will follow their heart masteroo; I might help them.
Me: make sure you do that; and may be help others too if possible; we need to do that.
( it was such a gripping discussion and for such a long time; I wrote some points only; we talked for 2 hours literally; till I need to run off for my train!! Enjoyed the discussion a lot though!! I questioned my basics ; what exactly am I going to do for my fellow men..!!)
And one more conversation with a friend; this thing is a chat I am copy pasting ( read it if u have patience; but ireally loved this conversation)
( This conversation about a song for the mocie; I told him that I want the naturally as if some students are really singing that)
rahul: you knw what
rahul: i too thot same way
challa: which one dude?
rahul: i like that sudent stuff wat u r talking abt
challa: yeah
rahul: in fact i was going to add that in my mail but thn stopped
challa: ha ha
rahul: that gives more feel
challa: excellent
rahul: so instead of a close room shud be more sound like real time singing.u knw wat i mean
challa: i understand
rahul: hmm
challa: but not in a position for live recording dude
rahul: hmmm but u already hv three songs ryt??
challa: yes .actually; all of them are as if students sitting n singing.hero has a band.
i wanted everything as live recording.but that cant happen
rahul: i knw
challa: only hollywood live records
rahul: abt sahil
challa: ha a
rahul: hmmm
challa: ha ha.okay
rahul: that requires very good reording intsrument
challa: yes
rahul: but this i was not knwing.they do it real time
challa: yes;
rahul: i knew they record the time they shoot.but i thot it's just for sync refremce.while dubbin:P
challa: that our people do;hollywood mostly live record
rahul: oh ok;hmmmm
challa: only one guy attempted in india?
rahul: who
challa: gueees whom?
rahul: ??.ray?? :P
challa: no no;no technology at that time;its mani ratnam for yuva
rahul: then?? ohhhh
challa: u can almost see the difference in that movie from others
rahul: pardon me.......but never saw tat one ;:P:P
i knw huge crime it is:D
challa: ha ha;cool man
rahul: want to see thou;alwys hear nice wrds abt it
challa: yeah cool; thats good ; but not his best
rahul: but they say as acting was better in tamil one
challa: he made some beautiful movies in tamil;yes
rahul: hmmm
challa: what more buddy? whatz up thereawake till now?
rahul: hey m screwed here yaar;so much wrk now a days
challa: oh; in office?
rahul: not able to create....;nah nah
challa: create what?
rahul: not in offyc;i want to create so many things
challa: excellent; 4DC work
rahul: u knw i even some to create some gud music too
challa: oh u never told me this;send me dude
rahul: some day
challa: i will listen up
rahul: hey i really like orchestra music
challa: excellent!!live?
rahul: i mean those from that gud bad ugly guy
challa: i loved spic macay actually!!ha ha
rahul: ennio morricone
challa: i recently watched good bad ugly
rahul: ohh
challa: dont know the name dude
rahul: i want to see others western sphagetti too by same director
challa: italian?
rahul: yep
challa: oh great
rahul: but in english dub ;)
challa: okies;music is same
rahul: yeah;actually all those four-five movies had same screenplay writer same directot and sam music dir
challa: oh
rahul: so wht abt ur workshop
challa: i am planning it in Calcutta;chennai couldnt pull in people;so; shifting the place thr;lets see
rahul: haan there u are
kolkata is the place
challa: lets hope the best
rahul: all the best
challa: that will add some budget for my movie too
thank u thank u
if i make it a hit;
rahul: hahahaha
challa: ha ha
but really buddy
i am pulling everything i have in it
but learning a lot too
rahul: hmmmm
hey i really think tat u shud attend some course
may be outside
if possible
challa: sure;
planning to do a film making course in scotland
rahul: you can even get good contacts while studying ther
challa: edinbourgh
rahul: hmmmm
challa: after song of life;
or after one more movie
rahul: the place itself is very photogenic
challa: i know
rahul: hmmm
challa: thats why i chose it
ha ha
rahul: hehehehe
i loved sceneries in braveheart
challa: too good buddy
remeber those final words; freedom
rahul: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
challa: we saw it in our final in LHC
rahul: huge emotions
challa: man; it gave such a push
rahul: that piece of cloth falling from his hand
challa: yeah;
rahul: i almost cried
challa: ha ha
rahul: first time wen i saw
in third year
challa: if u remember ; u suggested me to watch the making also
rahul: yes yes
i like the process
i told u this earlier i guess
challa: yeah
rahul: ppl working hard.......creative ppl......
challa: they r the real stuff man
rahul: correct
challa: man ; i am going to paste this chat as it is in blog; i loved this
what say?
rahul: hahahaha....
i too loved this conv.
challa: so when r u going to send me ur compositions?
rahul: hohohohoo
for that i hv to learn music first
challa: ha ha
rahul: i hv a sense tat i knw
but i cant make music
challa: i thought ; from ur previous messages; u already do
rahul: neither can i play
challa: okay; got it
rahul: its just all creative things pull me a lot.....and i envy those whose are doind that :(
lyk u
lucky u
challa: ha ha;
u are welcome any time
u know that buddy
and we all love ur works too
rahul: hehehehe....thnx...
challa: cheerios man; i am working on a blog; and will include this stuff also;
rahul: ciaoooo
challa: forgot; u didnt say anything about the previous ones
rahul: songs???
challa: no no
rahul: yes
i read it
challa: couldnt relate?
rahul: nah nah
i cud yaar
and i cant agree with u more on the politics u blogged abt
really bad
challa: yes man; tell you what
i made reservation tomorrow;
and they r doing rail rokho
rahul: ok
challa: god damn
rahul: bull shit
unemployed youths....waasting energies
challa: yes buddy; too much
rahul: there are som many other things in this world to do
and these guys burn buses
challa: yeah;
regarding the CAT joke
how wasit?
ha ha
rahul: hahahah
challa: feed back
rahul: it was in fact funny
and ur jokes make me laugh
challa: thank u thank u
finally i found some one
rahul: cheers

challa: this time seriouslu ciao dude; need to do some work
rahul: me too
its late
gud nyt
challa: good night

3 cheers

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