Monday, December 7, 2009

Power Politics!!

I am absolutely non-political. If at all I am free I will go and vote for JP’s lok satta. Whatever I write here is absolutely a third person’s work!! Yes I might be wrong in some places but this what I feel from what I see around me. Correct me if I am wrong.
Worst things are happening in Andhra Pradesh. This is a disgrace to everyone one in AP. The funny thing is that everyone knows this is just a political game for power. But none are speaking out; everyone wants to save their back!!
For all those who don’t know about Andhra Pradesh; there are three regions in AP; coastal( kosta), rayalaseema and telangaana. Of these three regions telangana is the most backward place; and the land isn’t as rich (read fertile) as other places and with the landlord system which exploited them for a long time (may be even now its happening out there) the place and the people didn’t develop much. With naxalites and police people still fighting in those forests I really see no hope for the revival of telangana.
Using this as an opportunity KCR started one damn political party whose only aim is get a separate telangana. Even a guy who is not involved in politics like me can say he is an Ass. He did nothing revolutionary in his constitution in which he was elected till now. If his only intention is develop telangana what the hell he did till now apart from jumping from one party to party. “A true spine less sucker” – I would call him.
Are these guys brainless or something!!
If u want to develop a place it should be done with great hard work not by separation!! Okay; if telangana is sanctioned; whats exactly going to change?? Nothing!! Except one more state added to India. And yeah; that a new CM (mostly KCR). Apart from that nothing is going to happen.
As a fact, the revenue of the other two regions is pushed in Hyderabad and the other regions suffer for it. And to build new capital needs one hell of revenue. Apart from Hyderabad Telangana has nothing left. I see nothing but more loss to everyone. I say this again if u want to develop a place you need work damn hard and everyone must pull in their extra efforts.There is no other way.
Now lets see; what exactly happened; When KCR formed a party; congress wanted an alley; KCR joined them( ofcourse congress promised him to help in forming Telangana) and he got his place in the ministry and that ass did nothing regarding telangana for 5 years and but at the time of elections he started shouting again for separate telangana. Congress took the gamble and went into elections leaving out KCR and KCR joined BJP.
What exactly happened was; congress made a clean sweep in AP. No one can speak anything now. KCR went to self defense. His place as the leader itself went into jeopardy. But then fate is a funny thing. YSR died in a crash; and the congress people started fighting who should be made as the next CM ( there was a long fight between the followers of Rossaiah( senior most member ) and the son of YSR). What exactly happened was Congress lost their power as everyone started fighting with one another.
KCR played a clever gamble here; he took this opportunity and went into a fast till death for separate telangana. He got his name back and worst he is a great now and if he dies people will make a martyr out of that fellow. Can’t people understand that this is just power game and nothing comes to ordinary people. And one stupid student committed suicide for this new telangana. What should we call this? Isn’t the fellow perverted? Can’t that fool understand that pure stupidity? And the Damn media instead acting tough is just encouraging them and making KCR an Icon.
Forget politicians for a moment. What is happening to students? Why the hell they are wasting their time? Burning buses and facing latti’s. Is it their boredom in life (they just want some excitement). Bandh for 48 hours and total blockade of work don’t they understand the loss.
Everyone knows this. Rossaiah lost the grip and taking back the charges against KCR itself is nothing but accepting defeat. Now Chandra babu naidu visited KCR to check on his health and other parties will join him. No one wants to look bad here and every one wants to save their future votes.
Not a single fellow is raising voice against telangana. Worst still this ultimately shows Telangana people are going to suffer more because of these Hippocrates and out of their foolishness because it is the exploited that is exploited more.
I see everything right before me; if a kid like me can understand what is happening to people of AP. Aren’t they supposed to do something and stop making fools out of ourselves.
God save AP an god save this nation. If u wanna really develop follow Japan nothing else.
3 cheers


Lekha said...

I agree with you totally.But i don't think it's god turn to help us.We should help ourself. :p.May our Ap people especially telangana people understand what's good for them.

Inspired Souls said...

Well said sister.. lets hope!! hope!!

Ravi.K.Koutharapu said...
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Ravi.K.Koutharapu said...

I agree with challa sir.... the fact is it will take a hell of time to bring change and i am sure it will come (may be through loksatta) but right now we are only spectators :(. This carp is happening not only in ap but alot more places in India, for example: here in Ranchi, during general elections, the news papers are advertising like "not IIT and no IIM, where all students will go" so vote for..ppl know its misleading but cant do any thing.

Inspired Souls said...

absolutely correct man.. we must do something in our lives what say?