Thursday, May 14, 2009

Education and a note of thanks

I have never let my schooling interfere with my education—Mark Twain.
Well said boss!!; I understood why you said these words after reading your Tom sawyer and Finn. You are one hell of a genius.
Education for us (for a typical student of India (and his parents included)) is a source to acquire a job. And we study because we need a job (obviously risk less) and we work for money (and security).
Where is the fun in life!!
Education must teach you to explore the world; it must make you an eternal student;
It must add passion for our lives.
But all I see is this. Present education is killing the spirits of people. Most of the guys ‘hate to work’ but still they work because they want their jobs!! And they can’t live without them. Worst thing is I can’t blame them. They are all very good people; I do like them. They are the products of present education.
We had an excellent lesson in out 10th standard. Author confesses with us; how he exploited and old man giving him meager wages who worked in his garden (some jasmine garden). Finally the old man dies by lack of proper treatment. And the author repents his bad deeds. When I read the story for the first time; It touched me so much that I couldn’t think of anything for sometime.
But I mugged the lengthy Q & A's for that lesson so many times; I wondered why the hell he wrote this story at all.
Come on man; we read stories to enjoy its beauty; our language naturally improves.
Give marks liberally and just encourage the kids to read more. We need this kind of people. Well of course if this happens the present schooling system will tell children not to read any languages as there are no grades allotted to them.
Already I see many kids who don’t play out door games; they just sit around TV or play video games. This condition is really awful to watch.
Even in technical education; they start teaching expecting perfect results from them. You are creating life long workers there won’t be any scientists and people who can think different and people who are ready to accept new challenges.
Adding to this The parent factor!!
I see no hope; but still I want some change; I want an education that really teaches you to live your life!! This is the only way for a better future.
And then I am not saying everyone to leave everything they are doing!! I am asking you to do that with passion and make the difference.

Note of Thanks:
I thank Priya; Swathi and vishlesh for helping me to edit the blogs.
Like everyone I wonder sometimes; the blogs I am writing; are they readable atleast??
(Anyways I will keep on writing even if they are not readable; but still i had this doubt)
But one my friend pinged me and said
“I don’t know how many read your blogs read; I check it definitely;
They are so touching and remind me that all around us is loveable; especially this article where u talked about your father being the inspiration behind u being a frequent traveler.
I remembered my days; me and my father both used to travel to places without any reservation in trains, and then it used to be very adventurous
We used to stay at crazy places, eat at weirdoes outlets
This June, I am planning to go to Himachal Pradesh “
I absolutely loved this comment; you surely motivated me to write more my friend.
Lets us be the same freaks all our lives...
For got telling you I got this plan; we can make a movie for 2 years and travel around the world for 2 more years. Anytime we can say; we are thinking about the script and we are traveling for inspiration (ha-ha; a very genuine reason)!!
Let’s rock.
Yours Srikanth.

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