Sunday, June 10, 2012

Serious Thoughts!!!

Lets get to the point.. Lets talk about death first.. I practiced Meditation in chennai , for 2 years with 2 teachers. They are married and old ,and they have a 32 year old son. Whenever I see them I feel happy. Guys spreading happiness what more can anyone do in life. Indeed true!! spreading the gospel of life !! but unfortunately , Their son died in a recent  road accident recently.. I just cant imagine their loss myself.. So I cant even expect their grief. Many people came and gave their condolences and even in their grief.. they thanked everyone and maintained themselves very well. I heard he took a class of meditation recently. Thats something I learnt from them again, to regroup!! All the same its my first encounter with early death ( with people whom I am related with.. A friend drowned in a lake when I was a kid.. I cried .. but I didnt understand the point at that time!!). Life is very very unexpected and short!!

As I said its scary, but its equally funny(dark)!! Everytime someone speaks of YS Jagan I laugh.. ( I am not political.. I dont want any arguments in this case.. After all all AP politics is funny!!.. TRS, chiranjeevi, chandra babu.. all comedy!!). But I still cant understand.. when people know that sucker ate money like hell.. still they have pity factor on him..what the hell.. He misused money and he deserves to be in jail.. show that pity on a kid living without food.. there is some meaning in it..

Now to the main topic! A friend pinged me and asked me .. Dont you think you are being underpaid for what you read!! Considering your degree. I dont want to hurt anyone, but I believe my degree is nonsense. Yeah I did study hard to enter ISM but the degree I got didnt teach me anything in life!! And I dont want to carry anytags along with me. I want to be remebered as a guy who did his work peacefully, may be works that would really please me. As someone said there is enough work for everyone, and a 10K i more than to live in this world, may be more for me!! No regrets.. all I wanna do is to explore more and try to understand myself better. And this argument also reminds me of a conversation with a guy in mumbai ( A junir of mine ).. " Sir, I know I am good in massage and can make 10K easily.. but I feel I might need more money thats why I stick to my company!".. I really didnt say much I just nodded.. but you actually dont know which is the best unless you try..

PS:-) I am not saying doing a job is tough!! I actually loved it!!

PPS:-) Loved writing this blog

Keep Rockin
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