Sunday, February 5, 2012

Few thoughts and conversations!!

I am getting restless again and the itch to do something has started.. which is a good sign.. so I started to write again after a break.. here we go!!

1) A friend of mine pinged me and told me “ buddy , you better start making some short films.. it was a long time since you did something.. we have great expectations on you.”

My answer was simple.. I have nothing to show someone.. I have no expectations on myself.. so I have nothing to prove myself or for you. I have my plans.. I learn.. I learn.. I unlearn and think of something new and start up again..!! the way you understand you should do something.. but you think you cant.. you very existence comes under question!! Cheers..

Speaking of beauty ; I am reading Bhagavatha now a days, must say I am on cloud nine!!
I wonder are these the most beautiful books ever written.. they explain seasons in a very beautiful way.. summer, winter, autumn.. my favourite season Spring!!.. I mean who doesn’t love spring.. new leaves and new hopes!! I cherish it the most..!! When I read of baby Krishna.. I just fell in love.. believe me It can be applied to any kid.. running around his Mom, pulling her saree and asking food!! I just fell in love again..
Reminds of what famous music director Ilayaraja said!! “ For me music is like a just born kid.. innocence . love and beauty.. nothing else”..

2) A friend of mine came to me recently and told that he is getting depressed a lot recently.. I told him to read bhagavad geeta.. he gave me a weird look and left I am getting weird day by day.

And someone was complaining few days ago!! , Srikanth .. you write good , but why do you use derog words in between.. though I have no offense for this question.. I have to answer it..
I write what I really feel, may the situation needs a mockery ( according to me).. and ofcourse I use disclaimers.. for readers.. that this is not for family people.. lol!!

3) I feel I am enjoying the best days of my life.. I read vigorously .. and watch movies when ever I wish.. thanks to the fast net in office.. I am downloading a movie a day!! And indeed the time is getting hectic!!

Ofcourse I wish for another trip through water, greenery , mountains and snow!! ( Himalayas) and ofcourse new treks to be covered..

4) I had the pleasure of listening some very good words.. regarding Alchemy!!
It’s about converting base metals to gold.. he told me.. inner alchemy is all about converting your negative energies to positive.. then you are Gold!! Indeed .. I concur

I sign off
Keep rockin
3 cheers


Nayonika said...

"I feel I am enjoying the best days of my life"...

best is only relative. It is always yet to come.. :)

Inspired Souls said...

@nayonika.. I concur!! .. lets hope the very best!!