Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Something fresh!!

I don’t know what I am writing here; I am writing it with a feverish energy!!..lol
I recently met a director; to assist him.
The first question he asked me is!!
What do you think is your best asset?
My answer was ; Hard work!! Thats definitely my first asset and then its honesty. I made three short films and a full feature till now; But none till now complained me that I wrote something unrealistic. I also stick to reality. Yup I used words like ‘Fuck’ in between coolly but then; thats what most of the people use. There isn’t a single dialogue in the movie ; which you can pin point and say; this isn’t realistic.and I try to discuss everything as openly as possible and I can make a joke out of everything...lol
I know my weakness and I understand my mistakes. I try to improve them constantly. I try to question everything I do and try to improve on it. And there are mistakes I did repeatedly but then I really loved doing them..lol
Saying all this; I question myself; what am I doing? What am i trying to achieve. The fact is; its nothing. Whatever I do I know its not going to exist after some years. Everything fades so am I. I just concentrate on doing what ever I like and just pass my time. I plan very well; but I make sure that it wouldn’t take most of my time! For I love to explore the beauty of this world as I see it.
Yup may be the only thing I really love to do is to explore things and try new paths!! Success or failure is another; its for people who measure. It isn’t my method. And one of my greatest pleasure is to travel . These are the absolute moments I really really loved . Everything comes after that.I have this freaky ideas to travel extensively ; constantly taking breaks in some exotic places ; and study books there and learn some new things from people and to move on to another place and carry on with another work!!
I wanna discover new ways to lead life; Find ways to earn money; along the way I travel; and to be self dependent!! May be the journey is to discover the ultimate truth. You call it god; or use another word you like. It wouldn’t matter. I wanna study arts on my way; dance ; music ; crafts ; whatever !! Ultimately the inner goal is satisfy myself and to continue to learn. To forget everything and to really learn to live the very moment I live...!!
My life is not about limiting myself but it is about expanding myself. To love things as they are without questioning them but to make the best out of it.
Not to feel a lower emotion but to live in an eternal joy
Oh god!! What the hell did I write!! The best part is I didn’t think much when I wrote this ..lol
Keep rockin
3 cheers


VENKAT said...

U rock...

Inspired Souls said...

We rock!!

BONDbandar said...


I'm sure this essay itself can be published as a self-help book with the title GOAL. You are a living Buddha, the enlightened one. You have discovered some real truths about life. I can relate to many of 'em but the difference between you and me lies in the fact that you are 'doing your thoughts'. You are flying fearlessly in the sky of your dreams. You are living your ideologies. You are 'living' your life. I, on the other hand, am still beating my head against the barrier called 'the money factor'. But you inspire me to break through that barrier and take to the skies of my dreams. Thank you Sir :)

The lines which really touched my heart are as follows:

"I question myself; what am I doing? What am i trying to achieve. The fact is; its nothing."

"I plan very well; but I make sure that it wouldn’t take most of my time!"

"The best part is I didn’t think much when I wrote this"

Yeah! Even I agree that it's the best part. Whatever you have written has come straight from the heart, raw and unprocessed.

IT .... IS .... THE TRUTH!

Another observation is that whatever you have told the director can be put in one line "I make movies from/with my heart"

uday said...

it's all good...

Sadhogopal said...

Ah, Refreshing read, buddy. Much like a raw poem it was.. loved it, seriously!

Inspired Souls said...

@bond.. man.. i just wrote in fury. Buddha is a bit too much.. lol.. thanks

@Uday.. cheers

@Sadho.. welcome dude