Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Beauty and contentment!!

Here I am back with another blog. I think four years of my honeymoon with life is over; I see tough times ahead and I just hope that I would come back tougher.. 3 cheers to life.. biggest flirt anyone can ever expect.
Worst things first and good things later!
There is this book I read sometime ago; the name is ‘Fountain head’. There is a particular character named ‘Wynand’; An orphan; who works hard and finally makes it big . The guy loves a girl and he gives her everything; he treats her like a queen. One fine day in bed she asks him a question “ Ain’t I beautiful than the model we have seen yesterday”. He leaves the place immediately and he never enters a relationship again. I loved that one.
I see weird people now; people who have no proper food but people who think of making a movie with crores of budget. Believe me I met a 30 year old fellow who wrote some ten pages of script and he told me he is planning to make a film with a budget of 150 crores. Seriously I pitied him; even day dreams have limits, I felt sick for sometime; this guy is going bullshit for sometime like this and then understands the situation and by that time his prime time is over; may be settles down as a coolie or something for the rest of his life. People are dreaming to spend more money and make big budget films; no one is trying to learn the art and do take a tough path. When we see a Bergman film; we see absolute art nothing else; I saw scene yesterday ; pretty simple; two people ( old lovers) meet and they look into a mirror and they tell the changes that occurred in them. It’s a ten minute scene and it makes you sit up and watch the scene with your wide mouth open; If you have the right stuff; you can make a film anywhere; you need not show Switzerland and unnecessary cheap tricks in your films!! Its pathetic!!
Where does the beauty lie; its every where; the way we wake up; the way we brush; the way we work; the way it rains; pleasant music; good humour.. its in every part of our lives.
Its just a matter of being content with what we have!! I am not saying don’t work and be happy with what you have. I am saying be content with what you have and work hard and enjoy your work; not because you get some material someday; but because you love your work.
Where are the good old grand ma’s and grand pa’s who told stories to their grand children; they are hooked to those TV serials watching melodrama stuff!!
I met an old man some years ago; the first he asked me was what do I do and what is my salary?
And he even went on asking me what is my manager’s salary and when I would reach that position.
To hell with everything; what will he do knowing my salary? On the contrary why cant he tell his childhood experiences and what he used to and what he loved!! That would be a pleasant chat!! Ain’t it.
I visited a remote place during this Ugadi; all family members were at the home; some one painting the old cot; and someone cleaning the old stuff; and girls running around the place; there was so much of energy!! I felt very very happy for them !!
Where are happy people now; no one wants to do farming; everyone wants to become an engineer or a doctor;; they fix up their paths and not to mention that most of the people regret what they do!!
I sound pessimistic ; but I miss the people who really live their life to the core. Everyone speaks of the past as great golden days and the future as a burden. Most of them want the things to be done easily without working hard.
God bless and god save!!
For a change I want to see people who are really alive and happy!!
And now some good points; here I am sitting in Vizag happily at a pent house very next to the beach road; writing this blog at night 1.00 watching the white waves from the sea… cool breeze doing magic.. and I see some ships anchored at some distance and some beautiful neon lights through out the road making it look majestic!!
A very pleasant drive from Hyderabad to vizag; breakfast was a surprise; we just stopped by a river ; washed our hands and ate there under a bridge;
Met a good old friend; and went for a drive in evening again. What more can I ask for!! 3 cheers to life.
PS:- I wanna see a beauty untouched and content!!
Keep rockin

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