Monday, April 25, 2011

stories!!-- part 1—

I felt immense pleasure when I was writing this ( I wrote these words after completing the blog).. and Like it or not; I consider this as one of my best!!

One of the few things I really love are stories; fairy tales; fiction; what ever; i Just love to listen them ; I still remember the stories my mom's sister told me when I was a kid; she indeed has great talent in story telling; even now when when ever I go to my hometown I just keep listening to whatever she tells me!!
and maybe storytelling is my first love.

When I first saw the film sankarabaranam; I just couldnt sit in that place once the movie is done!! It was indeed like flying in the air; same was the case with motorcycle diaries or into the wild!! At the same time I loved reading Harry potter and lord of the rings.

I visited my hometown recently; I just sat with with my grand mother and we started discussing about her childhood.It turned out to be a 2 hour story telling; I felt so happy after listening to everything; I absolutely loved. I wonder if there is any better than a good story. It is sweeter than a sweet and beaitiful than a flower.. of all the things its immortal and will continue to live !!

Me: I see you reading a lot?? Did you study at school or you learnt at home?

grand ma: I studied in school till 8th standard. I read more than many of the boys in those days!! actually I thought of becoming a teacher ; but my mom didnt agree to it!! else I would become a teahcer.

me: wow.. till 8th; pretty good stuff; and where did you study?

granny: Is in the same railway school you studied!! we used to go to school early morning and it will be over by afternoon.. I will to play in the garden of my school teacher. They are white people and they dont have kids. they used to pamper me.

me: wow!! white people!!

granny: ofocurse ; thats before independence.

( wow; I have an educated granny who studied in a school before independence!!)

Me: what more??

granny: my father worked in railways!! he is the head clerk at that time; he can assign jobs to people; so gave railway jobs to most of our relatives; just took them without questions; and so most of our family still continue to work for railways!! it became hereditary..

( I just kept listening ; and continued to talk!!)

so all of us used to have railway passes!! 40 - 50 people used to join and plan pilgrimages; we used to carry a stove; rice bags; dal and everything; trains used to stop for a long time to fill coal; we used to cook on the station; and eat; e even used to carry laddus; and other eatables too!!

me: Oh god; you guys had so much of fun!! tell me more

(even she was very happy to talk to me; Most of us dont have the time to talk to them; and at the same time I talked many old people who talk shit; they keep bragging their son's 5 numbered salary and the ranks of his grand

granny: we visited kasi; ahmedabad; delhi at that time; and in south we visited every place; rameswaram; kanya kumari...

once we are going to Kasi; we missed a lady at a platform; her husband thought she is with us; and he kept smoking his cigar in his berth..

( ha ha ha.. man I simply loved this.. ha ha ha)

after 2 hours we understood that she isnt with us; some of us got down in the next station;
went back; she was sitting there and crying.. and they joined us in Kasi..

me: this superb.. so what about movies??

Granny: we had to go next village when were kids; we used to go in bullock carts to watch the films!! we used to stay at nights there sometimes; and watch the movie next day morning;

by the time I got married they built a theatre in out village; your grand pa used to go job early morning; so my work is to cook food early morning and pack him food. I am free till evening; I have many friend here; and we used to watch films again and again.

Your grand father used to be very angry on me; because I am going to movies every day!!

(lol.. lol.. its a pure beauty)

My mom pampered me a lot.. and I didnt change for a long time!! its a pretty old time; then I slowly got busy with kids

(she had seven children and my Mom is the second one)

I felt one thing after hearing this; I just wanted to unlearn myself; may be learning and unlearning is the only way to live!!

I look back; there are some wonder people I met and I saw some wonderful stories.

some good ; some bad!! may be thats life;; I just wanna blog everything one by one!! when I get free;

When I was a kid I was an ass!! May be surroundings made me one; I calculated my marks; I ran after teachers for marks; I mugged day and night!!
But I do remember the days I played cricket and hit the ball into neighbour’s house. Most of them used to shout at us; and we sometimes had to sneak into their house to get the ball.
I wanna make peace with them.. I forgive them all.. lol

I studied my 6th and 7th in navodaya; krishnapuram Nellore. That’s a government residential school ; which conducts exams after fifth; I wrote for fun and made it; first time I had stay out of my home; it was very tough for some days. But finally did it.

I remember a friend of mine; ( I forgot his name) a very poor kid; he used to wear the school uniform all day and if he isn’t wearing shoes he used to walk bare foot!! ( uniforms and shoes are supplied by school). Some how worked hard to make it in the exams; used to struggle a lot with English; we used to have parents meet every month; My parents used to come every month; but I never saw his parents; the ass I am I never helped him at that time; never shared any eatables or gave some helping hand!! Pity; yup I do accept helping everyone is not possible; but helping when you can is good; it helps you too. I just wish he is somewhere happy and better now!!

The explorer in me broke loose after my schooling; As Mr.meeks said.. I decided I would try everything once ( except sex)

I remember my first serious conversation was with a Hostel warden; I used to play around instead of studying much there;
He called me up and told me;
“ Do you know why I am fucking up here instead doing a easy job; because I didn’t take my life seriously; I didn’t read well and I didn’t give a damn to anything; I kept boozing and by the time I wanted to settle I had nothing ; I had to take up some job so I became a warden here; I am studying now to clear my Bed and to become a teacher.
I am telling this to you because; I really like you! I am not telling you to study every hour; but do keep in your mind that you must study well!!”

Seriously guys that was my first serious conversation with outsiders I ever remembered. Though I say study to earn is all crap; I really that chat with him. It will stay with me.

Its night 2.00 am ; I better sleep now; Will work on part 2 sometime later.

Ps: One last story; I was talking with a girl recently and she was telling me all kinds of complaints; all boys get drunk and misbehave with girls; I had nothing to comment on that; as we were talking she told me that one of her favorite movies is ‘khushi’.. Funnily the movie has a long drunk sequence in which hero drinks some local liquor and speaks some horrible dialogues and this babe also likes a song in which the hero dances on the road chasing a girl wearing a mini and her boobs oozing out.

I just couldn’t comprehend one thing!! Do people fantasize bullshit and expect perfection in real life?? I just hope it works other way round. You better fantasize perfection and accept flaws in real life.

And by the way as long as women watch those women characters people will keep on showing dumb characters. After all if you can’t respect yourselves; we can’t respect you.

Saying all this I have nothing against women; I know many guys who flirt with babes and expects good wives!!

So nothing personal here!!

Keep rocking
3 cheers


kiran said...

Challa ... FUNDA .... Perfection / Exception ???

Inspired Souls said...

I didnt get you dude; and I dont see any funda there either!! cheers

hari said...

nice read mate..lot of heart in it.

Inspired Souls said...

thanks a ton dude!! lets rock!!

vamsi said...

it was nice reading it.. keep writing anna.. cheers :)

Inspired Souls said...

cheers dude!! lets rock