Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Young Heart .. and few ramblings!!

Writing a blog after a long time, hope you guys enjoy reading it.

Just completed reading a book , loved these lines " the finding of his soul , his spirit , his divine strength and worth -- the knowledge that

he can and must live in freedom and dignity - is the one prize worthy of man's goal and all mankind's summit. The Prize ( Irving Wallace )

Had the pleasure reading few wonderful books of Wodehouse, Dahl , Thomas harris in  two months.. Really happy that I still enjoy reading a lot,

my next best to Travel ( my first love ).. Speaking of which I started  learning Swimming , my trainer says I learnt 50% of basics in three

days, he is pretty much impressed, but the truth is I really loved the feel of being in water!!!

Coming to this, till +2 , I never read much apart from text books, and may be played gully cricket and chess a bit!!.. Back in college, I am a

mediocre cricketer who played with friends... and I couldnt
 afford a coach, but I still dream that atleast  I will play a two day match for club cricket. Must do it within 40. Within 50 Archery and Gun


'40'.. coming to the Topic young heart.. I listened to Rowling's Harvard graduation speech again.. and as usual loved it to the core.. A lady in

her forties who spoke of failure and imagination in a single speech.. Shear genius in narration, ofcourse I read harry potter twice, no need to

mention. But it is the reality she spoke did the hard hitting. Plz do watch .. worth more than watching those hollywood seasons!!

They say people get old and stop believing in themselves, may be we cant run fast, trekking gets slow, cant travel anymore without reserving

tickets , but we will understand ourselves more when we grow up and we can actually do better stuff than before. The sheer experience , better

understanding will help us to improve a lot.

After all rowling was a single parent , who survived on government fund for sometime. Definitely she learnt from it and produced magic ( in

literal sense as well ) , she created 'Death Eaters' from the depression she suffered!!

Well madam, if you can create characters like Fred and George, I must say you are always young at heart!! ..

One important thing I can add to here is the dangers of comparison!! Actually I read a story few days ago!!.. A girl wrote this in a newspaper recently , Let me write the essense here

" I and my cousin were very good friends from my childhood!! We had lots of dreams about our future husbands , and she got married first, to a very handsome guy!! But I was forced to marry a handicapped guy because my parents cant afford anyother match!!.. I was heartbroken but I married the guy!! Everytime I went out with him, to family functions , people would say my cousin is very luck and they showed pity on me.

I was very sad.

But my husband always tried to impress me, he worked hard and got a promotion soon!! I felt very proud. I bagan to admire him. I heard my cousin stated facing troubles in her marriage live.

We felt to germany soon, we had great time there and when we came back everyone my husband and me. I heard the guy my cousin married became a drunkard and wasted all my cousin's parents money.

I learnt beauty is not everything".. Story end!!

Looking from outside, this is a wonderful story, but if you look deep inside.. the girl never liked her husband, but came to terms because her cousins life is worse but she had settled better with money. .there is no Love there at all.

Here comes the dangerous part, if her cousin's husband was a big success she would have been crying all her life!!

Sadly this is the thing we got used to from the very beginning. parents forget that the right question is "Why you couldn't solve a problem?" and ask the kids " Why you couldnt solve a problem which someother kid did!"

Most of the unhappy people I have seen arent really poor but they are unhappy because they compare with others!!

As I said just few ramblings!!

Keep rockin
3 cheers

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