Wednesday, July 20, 2016

An indian's reply to

Any indian's Reply : People who support
terrorists are traitors, now lets talk about the letter, the kid got beaten up twice, it is very very sad, there are assholes in army as well, and they are human, may be the Jawan was scared as well because of the Kid's looks, god knows he might be carrying a bomb.. violence brings insecurity!!,, now lets talk about the immaturity about the letter.. 1) writer asks what if I protested at Delhi.. Thank god no one will protest against killing of a terrorist in delhi roads, else this nation will be ruled by terrorist gang in next few years.. and and he is questioning the means used, but he forgot they are the people who are supporting violence.. 2) JK is an integral part of India, why undemocratic means.. well because in that state , there might be a blast anytime!! 3) Stats: 4000 once , now very few terrorists, but more army, is the writer kidding us, the threats are more now and more dangerous.. and still infiltrations are happening, and few kashmiris support Pakistan (God Knows why, they think they will give them better governance, do they dont read the blasts in pakistan, as frequent as if no one cares anymore) and give terrorists shelter!! 4) He is worried that another child is shot, then what is the child doing on roads supporting a dead terrorist.. 5) This is the last and worst argument.. he reminded of a jawan who was denied cremation rights.. this author simply wants to complain about everything, Like the traitors in Kashmir there are assholes in few places who are still stuck with caste system, that has nothing to do with the guy being a jawan, and may this guy is so busy complaining about everything, he forgot he is an indian altogether and forgot this has to change in India.. oh, or he is someone very special non indian complaining in India.. he can try Pakistan as well..

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