Friday, April 19, 2013

Time!!!... satire!! .. and a letter to RD!!

Oh my god… it has been a long time since I wrote something in this blog. Kind of dumped it.. but the truth is life got busy, so busy that I wonder what  happened to those days, where I slept on the grass  in the upper ground early morning.. and tried to smell the earth and grass. Sounds magical to me. Didn’t plan a trip too for the past 6 months.. yeah I wish I could sneak in a day and go somewhere near a big water source and hear the sound of water!!
Yeah… time is something that’s running very very  fast.
I was talking with a friend , a film maker few days back, he told me that they used to come and park their vehicles at the place where we stay now and go to the theatre nearby ( didn’t use the parking of the theatre) …just to save some parking charges and used it to buy popcorn .. man I loved the anecdote!!
Okay.. time for some dark comedy!!.. actually I love dark comedy.. but even I have my limits.
TV.. is setting new  heights in it.. its  not just about those non stop.. who can cry in every frame (read mega serials).. now you can here weird psycho sounds .. like.. : jumping jhapang gili gili he”.. This is too much!! Brainwash at its best!!
 here goes the story, a zen teacher saw saw a white man and a colored  man fighting, he went to them.. saw their wounds.. took the blood mixed them and told to find which is colored …
Now a pesticide company(read soft drinks) from USA  uses this story..  we see a Punjabi team and a Kolkata team supporter fighting.. bang comes the hero , mixes the pepsi in both bottles and he asks them, now tell me which pepsi is from Punjab and which pepsi is is from kolkata!!.. lol.. guys.. dark comedy at its best!!...
And yeah now to the core of the blog, a letter to Rahul Dravid, this should have been written long long back.. I thought of writing it many times and I don’t know why it never happened. But then I was watching this match with Punjab XI.. dravid fumbled to take david hussey’s catch but finally managed to take it, the look in his face that he almost dropped it and the relief that he managed to take it, made me fall in love .. which happened many times before!! The catch is not life threatening, but the shear intensity and professionalism he carries is something that will make you smile!!  In a way I learnt few points in life by watching his batting!!
The days I didn’t even study for exams to watch him bat all day were always memorable; The defence shots are something an artist would love; and the way the damage is done unnoticed is something you notice very slowly!!.. cover drives.. playing spinners ..everything to perfection!!
I felt this in very few things, music, travelling, reading..!!
So its always like two things, watching cricket and watching rahul dravid bat!!
Thanks a ton mate for some wonderful moments!!
Keep rockin
Three cheers

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