Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Things that matter!!

It was a long time since I wrote something  apart from my story works. Its good to be back and blog!!
We were discussing this and that yesterday; and our director was telling, its all over in a week challa, we are going to deliver the film and we are done with it. That’s a strange feeling you know, to be a part of something , completing it and then move on to something new. And yeah I am going see my name on the screen for the first time. I am supposed to be excited, but ‘no’.. I don’t feel a thing. May be I pretty well know long back that I will be a part of films and my job is to give my best out there and just wait for the result.nothing else matters.
Saying all this , I felt sad after completing the shoot of anecdote. I wouldn’t say it’s a masterpiece or something. But it was a new experience which I loved every moment. Now I can happily laugh at that feeling. Please don’t ask me why!!
Lets talk about  movies and the craft of movie making itself. I love to talk about films, and I absolutely love the craft of film making. I was talking with a film maker yesterday; some of his words really took my breath away, we don’t make films for others, its for us. You should always remember that!!  Well It was a long time since I heard such words. Felt very happy.
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