Friday, August 1, 2008

Story Of This Old Lady

Story of this old lady.

Thanks to Sakshi news paper (1st aug 2008 ) for this good piece of work.

I saw many people working hard to reach a comfort zone. That never inspired me. But leaving our comfort to do something we really believe just out of love ; this is awesome!! Isn’t it.

When I first read this story; I felt like starting this blog forum and collect stories like this.

Her name is Nagamma; she makes maize roti’s in a small room in Hyderabad.

Go and ask her “ I need roti’s for 10 rupees ?”. She accepts the money and she asks you how many do you want? Students , poor people who came from villages come to her ; and she feeds them well and accepts what ever they offer her. Most of them say they cant even get a tea in the city for the money they pay her.They say she is goddess 'Annapurna'.

Ask her, how she survives? . She says “ I believe in being good and doing good; that protects me”. Firm belief !!

When she was asked to tell her story ; she told there is nothing much to say about her; but when she started speaking of her life; that turned out to be a great story.

She was a good ‘kabaddi’ player in her childhood . Used to gamble with her friends for 10paise and 25 paise.

She gave birth to 8 children after her marriage; and her husband never cared for any of them; ‘Drinking’ is the curse many families face till now. Her father used to help her regularly. But then nothing is permanent in this world. She started farming her land and and started stitching clothes.

Three of her sons died of typhoid because she couldn’t afford for treatment.
She shifted to Bombay with three of her kids and left the remaining children in her hometown.
She worked as a coolie out there. Her three kids learnt stitching.
One of her daughters died of chicken pox in her home town and all the family shifted to Hyderabad.

She is a widow now; she married all her children; and is staying with her son.
And her son keeps repeating that she need not work anymore.

She is 60 now, she she still keeps working; She says that keeps her healthy; she never watches TV; and spends her spare time with her grand children.

She says her greatest adventure was when swam the nearby lake when its in full flow; and bought some firewood to cook. Most of the men in the village would hesitate to do that she adds with a smile.

She refuses to go into that comfort zone; she wants to help people in her own way.

Who wouldn’t be glad to meet her personally.

Hats off.


The Dead Yard ... said...

Very inspiring Story indeed, and you presented it beautifully brother.

Saranya said...

This story is awesome da... Started off really well.. :)

Nayonika said...

Sun is still shining, clouds are still raining, trees are still growing and the earth is sustained till now... all because of people like her! Indeed an inspiring soul :)

Inspired Souls said...

@nayonika.. Indeed.. and by the way can you tell me the meaning on the name 'Nayonika'.. cheers