Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I MISS YOU!! Seriously I felt it very few times; I still remember how I missed my parents in 6th standard when I was in hostel; Next to it I should say it’s ISM..

Funny; when I entered my college; I absolutely hated it; for my dream college was different. ( Comparing it to the IIT’s; complaining that there weren’t big playgrounds; no girls; no swimming pool; power cuts; all that crap); well ragging and seniors added some more for it; I even wrote IIT again to leave the college;

But my lessons started there, in no time I am spending all my time in senior’s rooms watching movies!!!

My college never pampered me; it just taught me how to get the best out of everything;
I never had any attendance problems; but I made sure I didn’t attend more classes than necessary; I never worked hard to learn any subject from any professor, but made sure I didn’t irk them for any reason.

They say, ‘with freedom comes lots of responsibilities’, but in ISM we got freedom with absolutely no responsibilities ( well of course you need to take some precautions )
Make sure your parents don’t know anything that happens here;
Make sure no professor recognizes you!!
That’s it you are the King dude!!

Ask me the best of ISM:

I will pick my walk in those ‘Tar’ roads ( Distinctly colourful milieu with green grass and red buildings. Really majestic!!!) Especially at nights. And if it rains it’s a double bonus. I can still feel it; walking in the main entrance road with neon lighting… absolutely deserted (you might occasionally find some more insomniac’s like me there) or sitting on the small cement bench before main building (thinking of stories !! I owe my best ideas to that place) or with friends ( Koti and me singing songs or listening to Rahuljis thesis on mankind. Anil (my roommate) occasionally joined the walk) and of course cycling all the campus and sitting near the Bon-fire along with guards were also awesome!!!
Damn, I miss them a lot;

Exams were very special. They teach you the art of survival. Mugging up a 6 month course in a day isn’t that easy; Well of course friends are always there to help you. I simply owe my degree to them. And these are the only days you see me drinking Chai.
I did lots of experiments on my exams too;
( Bunked my computer exam and did lots of running around the DEAN and arranged a Medical certificate to escape year back. There were days when I expect a Suppli (Arrear) in MOS instead I will get a Suppli in Maths!! But I oew that particular Suppli to Rahul Dravid; He played an awesome knock that day; We can never miss an artist at work.
One more case; I forgot everything I read the previous day; so couldn’t write much !! And I went to the professor and personally asked him to give me a Suppli and not to pass me for I needed a 7 in order to increase my OGPA to 6.5 and qualify for the IBM requirements.

And there are people who believed I would end up with an NFT (not fit for technical education; which I definitely deserve); pity though with a track record of 6 drops I did complete my B.Tech. And I also learnt the greatest thing - ‘To Pass’ the exams with the minimum effort!!! I was a seven pointer in the 6th and 7th semesters!!

Kudos to ISM, It taught me everything I needed to learn, and to survive!! Rules are same everywhere!! Its not that I never got into any trouble but I found easy solutions;

Cricket in Upper Ground!! And not to forget those inter college football and cricket matches played under floodlights; Dew settles on that green grass and the lights intensify its effect !! and we sit on that dew and shout along supporting the Home Team!!

Reading novels in last bench; writing stories and acting as if writing notes; satires on professors; and Playing cricket before hostel and getting drenched in rain;
Movies !! (though I was very choosy and I watched very few); dance shows; songs;
Spic -Macay ( I saw some awesome performances there;)

One performance in Basant 2005 was spell binding; for the next year I was here one hour before the show; got a front seat; and the new band sucked!!

Holi , janmashtami celebrations!!

Srijan was always special; I met Nishesh (my future producer for Anecdote here) worked with him for three years !!

I loved the Strikes and mass bunk’s.. they rock!!

Being in a college we deal with all kinds of people; and that’s the best part of it; I felt my college life would be the absolute pilot work for my future!! Indeed it is.

I still remember Rana sir and me planning to make anecdote; and ofcourse abandoning it in between; All the same I understood things can’t be done if I handle everything; and I taught myself to make the things happen.To distribute the work properly and to select the right person for each work.

Kartavya (my Doc on street children) and Odyssey (a 10 min short film) taught me this thing. And when I got a chance to make Anecdote; I grabbed it. Thanks to all, that was a great learning experience; though we didn’t get the expected output.

Wait wait! One more issue; ISM taught me survival but didn’t teach me socializing; I am weird by nature; I laugh loud for small jokes and sometimes I don’t talk for a long time!! My friends understood it, but when talking with girls this makes a hell of a problem. I stammer and repeat the same sentence again and again; I think ‘Anecdote’ solved this problem. But if I try to flirt the worst things happen, remember THE MASK, Jim carrey and his love; even I cant stop laughing at myself, forget about the others, but at least I did learn to talk.

And I got an awesome Adieu from ISM; it rained before I was about to leave; can I say they were tears !! God knows what but that one hell of an unforgettable romantic farewell.

As I said rain added more beauty to it; and the smell of the air and the earth were lovely..
I took a leisurely walk around the campus saying bye—bye to all.

All ends well though they don’t start well..

What more can I expect from it; It taught me to love my life, induced some aesthetic sense and made me an artist. The place I will always love and will be missed all my life!! My ISM!! I MISS you.

Yours Srikanth.


R@hul said...

Very interesting Challa...

Sometimes, the past jumps out and bites into the present. That is why most men keep their past caged.

May I ask why the sudden flashback into the past? Any particular reason?

Inspired Souls said...

seriously i was thinking to write this blog; from the day i returned from convo; but opened my blog account last july only man; and finished this right now buddy;

but I am eagerly waiting to make a movie there buddy; SONG OF LIFE!!

Nipura said...

"My college never pampered me; it just taught me how to get the best out of everything;"...

The line really touched me. Really good.!

Inspired Souls said...

Yeah... the essence of my blog