Monday, December 21, 2015

Travel and More!!

Just back from a 1300Km bike trip, covering Ajanta , Ellora and Grishneshwar!.. Just blown away just by imagining the efforts that might have taken to sculpt such caves! Though it was a pity most of the painting were eroded.. using some imagination , if you view those completely painted I dont think we will ever come out of those caves! .. Wish I was there when they painted!!

Apart from that, driving on the roads in morning and evening, with sugarcane fields cotton fields next to you is priceless . Stopping wherever you like, drinking fresh cane juice and whatever new food you find there, neither thinking of the past nor future is bliss!!

Always love that feel of travel!!

It was almost 8 years since I started this 'Inspired Souls' blog!! Had the pleasure of meeting few exceptional guys.. few awesome professionals and friends in ISM, Back again in ISM to make 'Song of Life' .. learnt a lot of film making  and then found  the friends who were with me to make my dream possible!!

Worked with few blind kids closely, and worked for few films , saw my name on screen for first time and then Vasham.. which will be completed few months!!

Awesome journey it was, I cant say it is easy, there were few very bad and tough times but always came back strong !! May be that is the way life treats you gives you bumps and make you strong!! No complaints.. learn and move on!!

I got a call from a friend in morning , and he told me that he is planning to take up farming so buying 2-3 acres, cant stop appreciating the thought.. As I always said, we need more farmers.. not people who carry the burden of degrees and prejudices! Ofcourse everyone around him will think he is a fool but all the same we need more people like him .. for a better green world!!

3 cheers to the people who are trying something and taking new paths.. you guys are inspiring many more guys like me to follow our passion!!

Keep rocking
3 cheers

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