Friday, August 14, 2015

Art is Eternal

Long long time, since I wrote something...

There was a time when I had two options in mind, become an entrepreneur or choose movies and explore.. Ofcourse being a good entrepreneur is also  an art, Lets just say I decided to stick with 'Art' art!!

I work hard, try to improve everyday but more than that Art is divine.. it should come within you.. that is how most of the best works happened.. either Van gogh or a marquez.. they live in a different world in this world!!..

All these train of thoughts are because of the film 'Annayun Rasoolum' I watched yesterday!!

What a film, I cant express it in words... a simple love story told  very very simply,... in a very slow narration.. the director obviously knows common audience might not like it.. only few will connect to it and you should be crazy enough to take that risk!!

Will I do that, if I need to go bankrupt, knowing this wont work..but still I am desperate to do that.. !! That is the question that is haunting me!!

As of now, yes!!.. I wish I will be the same and make something i would really love.. let fame , money and everything else go to hell!!

I really want to feel that moment where I think of nothing else, except that frame that was divine and the artist in me feels the real joy!!

Keep rockin
3 cheers

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